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We want to kick off 2019 with one of the most fantastic VivaLift (non-surgical face lift) results from SkinViva Manchester!

vivalift non surgical face lift

Dr Sharan used Dermal Filler in a combination of different areas to rejuvenate and refresh the entire face. A VivaLift is a holistic treatment that treats the entire face as one, not focusing on different areas.

Scroll down to find out how you can feel fresh this year.


Why did Julie seek a VivaLift?

After turning 60 (can you believe it?!), Julie felt that the time was right to make a change.

Julie was going through a very difficult time following looking after her mum who eventually passed away.

“The main thing that triggered it for me was when my mum passed away. I felt like I had aged overnight as it was quite a stressful situation I was in”

non-surgical face lift before and after

What did Julie’s VivaLift include?

Forehead – As we age our forehead loses volume and can cause a dip. Julie’s brow arch was prominent which was therefore developing a shadow. Filler placed in the forehead helped to smooth this out.

Temples – Filler has also been placed in the temple region as stress usually causes a dip in the side of the forehead.

vivalift face lift after shot

Tear Trough – Tear trough treatment was performed to get rid of undereye bags and darkness.

“People say things to you like you look really tired, and I know I’m not tired”

Cheeks – Julie already had great cheekbones, however ageing had caused a bit of flattening in the central portion of the cheek. Filler has allowed the area to be lifted and create a natural contour to flow.

Jawline filler – When we are younger our jawline is more defined, yet as we age jowls start to form and sagging occurs. Fillers helps to tighten and restore a more youthful jawline.

vivalift face lift result before after

vivalift full side before and after

How can I pay for this, especially in January?

We understand that January is a hard month following the big Christmas splurges.

This is why we want to tell you about our direct debit scheme.

Instead of having to fork out everything at once, you can pay over a certain period of time. Did we also mention that it is interest free?

There’s no need to compromise on your happiness just because of the January blues…


To book in for a FREE consultation for a VivaLift just like Julie’s, please call 0161 865 1141 or e-mail contact@skinviva.com

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