Let’s chat about Jawline Filler

One of the most talked about treatments at SkinViva Manchester is Jawline Treatment.

Jawline Filler has been around for a long time, but it has significantly risen in popularity with the younger generation.

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    Dr Aimee says

    ‘A lot of celebrities out there are actively saying they have had filler in their jawline’.

    This means it is becoming more well known as an option.

    What does Jawline treatment do?

    Jawline treatment involves adding Dermal Filler into the jawline to mould and sculpt.

    The younger generation tend to ask for a contoured and slimmer look, whereas older clients tend to ask for definition and lifting.

    Click here for more information on how jawline treatment suits different age groups.

    This treatment is also common with men who tend to ask for a strong and masculine jawline. To make it more masculine, filler is added in the chin to make it wider and towards the back of the jawline.

    Read all about men and their experience with Dermal Filler here.

    Why have Jawline treatment?

    Dr Aimee says

    ‘You see a really big transformation doing jawline’.

    Yet at the same time, it is one of the hardest treatments for people to pinpoint and is very subtle (when done well). It helps frame the face in a way you would not have thought about before.

    It is likely that many people will think you have just lost weight as it can make your face appear much slimmer.

    jawline filler before and after0

    A defined jawline is a quality that has always associated with beauty. For example, many cartoon characters are designed to have them. Princes usually have very overly chiseled jawlines and the princesses will have a small, dainty chin and a defined jaw.

    How much does Jawline Filler cost?

    Before you book in, here are some important details.

    Our clinicians prefer to use a cannula as it allows for more definition and less risk of infection.

    There is a choice between either standard or premium filler. Standard will last around 6 months whereas premium will last around 15 as it attracts less water.

    • Standard – Juverderm 4 ultra (£259 per 1ml)
    • Premium – Juvederm Vycross or Voluma (£395 per 1ml)


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