Is Jawline Filler right for my age group?

We sat down with Dr Ahmed to chat about Jawline Filler and this is what we found out…

When you hear the words jawline filler – does a masculine and chiseled jawline come to mind?

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    Or do you maybe think of the Kim K overly contoured look?

    Well at SkinViva Manchester we offer so much more than that.

    Some people just want a general refresh and want to feel like themselves.

    jawline filler before and after jowls

    Why choose jawline filler?

    There are so many reasons why jawline fillers can benefit all age groups.

    Older women tend to lose bone density and fat around the face following the menopause.

    This contributes to aging and losing that youthful and plump look.

    Skin starts to sag and droop causing the appearance of jowls. Some people may refer to this as a ‘turkey neck’.

    What can jawline filler achieve?

    Over time our skin starts to deflate like a balloon, which is where filler comes in.

    Jawline filler is excellent at tightening and reshaping the jawline to help rejuvenate the face.

    It doesn’t just create that carved and overly chiseled look that most people assume.

    jowls before and after jawline woman

    As we age our face shape evolves and turns slightly squared.

    Jawline filler can help with a ‘witchy chin’ and create a harmonious side profile.

    What does Jawline Enhancement involve?

    One way of having Jawline Enhancement involves using anti-aging injections.

    They relax the muscles lower down in the face which make the upper muscles stronger.

    After around 7-14 days, the anti-aging injections will settle in, allowing the tightening and lifting will take place.

    needles injection anti aging dermal fillers

    What is the other option for Jawline Enhancement?

    The other option for Jawline Enhancement involves using Dermal Fillers.

    An accurate way to think of using Dermal Fillers is like blowing up a balloon with air.

    It has potential to sculpt and shape the area more so than with anti-aging injections.

    What are the differences between them?

    The procedure time for Dermal Fillers will be slightly longer than one using anti-aging injections, yet the results are instantly seen.

    The needles for anti-aging injections tend to be finer than ones that are used for Dermal Filler injections, therefore making it less painful.

    However, at times a cannula can be used for Dermal Fillers which is better at preventing the risk of infection and bruising.

    jowls jawline

    What about the results?

    Both results aren’t permanent. Anti-aging injections last around 4 months whereas Dermal Fillers can last between 6-24 months depending on the type of filler.

    The most important thing to note is that your wrinkles will not be worse than before your treatment. Once the product has faded your skin will return exactly to how it was before.


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