Is it safe to get a facial after Botox?

Medical Director at the SkinViva Clinic Dr Tim Pearce, has given his advice to anyone considering getting a facial after a Botox treatment.

Dr Tim, who has been treating clients for over ten years, explains that in terms of safety there is probably only a small risk involved in getting a facial after a Botox treatment. This is because when Botox has been injected, it takes around a day for it to work its way into the nerve terminals (which is basically where it needs to be to start doing it’s job).

However, Subjecting the skin to vigorous movement within the 24 hours after treatment carries a small risk that the Botox may be moved from the area where it has been injected and into an area where it may cause a side effect. Although, it is much more likely that it would just reduce the effectiveness of your treatment.

Either way, it is advised not to subject the skin to anything strenuous or hot such as exercise, steam rooms or beauty treatments within the first couple of days after treatment. This will ensure that you get the best possible result out of your treatment and avoid any potential side effects.

Want to know more? Check out Dr Tim’s video below…

Is it Safe to Get A Facial After BOTOX?

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