Incredible Chin Augmentation by Dr Sharan

Trust us when we say we’re so much more than anti-ageing treatments and lip fillers!

Our clinicians at SkinViva are skilled aesthetic practitioners that can do actual wonders with dermal filler. In fact, think of it less of a needle, and more of a magic wand!

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    This client came booked an appointment with Dr Sharan, seeking some advice on how to improve her side profile. Dr Sharan recommended reshaping the chin.

    chin augmentation

    How do SkinViva reshape the chin?

    Using filler, our clinicians can project the chin and reshape the jawline, to create a more defined side profile.

    Typically, we use the premium Juvederm Vycross range for this treatment as it’s more pliable and holds it shape better.

    Along with the benefit of lasting longer (around 12-18 months).


    The Result

    A client’s reaction and response to treatment is what we live for at SkinViva! And this was by far the most exciting part of this procedure.

    Both the client and Dr Sharan were completely overjoyed with the results.

    Dr Sharan said, “This is one of my most favourite results! I was delighted for this lovely client.”

    And, this amazing now client feels more confident to have her photograph taken from the side – exposing her side profile!

    That is… #WINNING. Go Dr Sharan!


    Clients reactions

    We posted this incredible transformation on our Skinviva Facebook page, and we clearly blew away some of our followers!


    chin re-shaping

    Head over to our Facebook page to see more uh-mazing transformations by the skilled hands that are Dr Sharan’s.


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