Increasing Interest in Men’s Facial Rejuvenation

The market for male facial rejuvenation is buoyant, according to the latest figures from BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons). 

The latest data on cosmetic surgery showed a 13% growth in the overall market from 2014 to 2015; while surgical procedures for men grew at 14%.

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    The growth in men’s procedures was driven in particular by facial treatments, with blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) the most popular procedure up 15% followed by rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) up 14%. Other facial procedures also gained in popularity with 14% more face/neck lifts and 15.5% more brow lifts.

    BAAPS’ press release says:

    “Although men still account for just 9% of the total number of cosmetic surgery operations in the UK, their numbers have nearly doubled over the past decade (from 2,440 procedures in 2005 to 4,614 in 2015).”

    However, surgery is not the only choice for men seeking to rejuvenate their faces or improve the shape of their nose.

    Non-Surgical Procedures for Men

    Increasing numbers of men are also now regularly having anti-ageing injections in order to maintain a younger and fresher look.

    Popular Male Non-Invasive Treatments

    Here are a few treatments which are particularly popular with male clientele at SkinViva

    Advantages Over Surgery

    These offer a non-invasive alternative to surgery and there are a number of advantages to this approach.

    • Price – while facial surgery will cost £000’s, injectable treatments are a fraction of the price with Botox starting at £190 for men
    • Convenience – non-surgical treatments are available in clinic – no need to travel to hospital or worry about overnight stays – most treatments can be completed in your lunch break with you being able to return to work the same day
    • Recovery – non-surgical treatments are such that patients can return straight to normal activities. There are no bandages to wear, no need to recover from the side effects of general anaesthetic and often very little indication that anything has been done at all apart from a little short term swelling or redness
    • Temporary – surgery is a drastic and permanent decision. By contrast, cosmetic treatments are temporary and can be repeated when they wear off and adjusted over time in line with the ageing process
    • Reversible – injectable treatments such as dermal fillers can be reversed. This is rarely required but good to know
    • Safety – there are known risks with surgery and general anaesthetic which are not an issue for injectable treatments
    • Natural-look – cosmetic treatments can now be used to deliver a very natural look
    • Comfort – all our injectable treatments are surprisingly gentle. For extra comfort we apply a numbing cream using local anaesthetic to minimise discomfort

    Recognising Masculinity

    There are inherent differences between male and female face shape. SkinViva’s team of practitioners are trained to understand these and ensure that a subtly different approach is used to suit each patient’s own requirements.

    SkinViva Manchester

    SkinViva was established in 2008 and has an excellent reputation for offering high quality skin treatments in the North West.

    Their team of aesthetic medical professionals offer free consultations at their main clinic in Manchester and also at an extensive choice of conveniently located locations across the North West. Clinics are held at salons and centres in Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Manchester, Stockport and Bury.

    A consultation is always required prior to any cosmetic treatment and this is arranged with an experience aesthetic clinician. The same individual would carry out treatment and this can normally be done at the same appointment if required. This consultation is offered free of charge to enable patients to gather all the information they need with no pressure to commit unless they’re entirely happy.

    For further information or to arrange a confidential consultation with a cosmetic doctor or dentist, please call 0161 865 1141, email


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