What if I’m afraid of needles?

So, you’re interested in having dermal fillers or anti-ageing injections to freshen your look, but there’s a large stumbling block in the way… you’re afraid of needles. Ah, awkward.

Not to worry, Jade, one of the Customer Experience girls at SkinViva also has a phobia of needles (believe it or not). Here she talks through her experiences…

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    “This fear is more popular in clients then you would think. I’ve had many phone calls with new clients who have a phobia of needles. I’m glad they do, as I have the very same fear…

    Where did my fear of needles come from?

    “It’s a fear that I can remember having way back to when I was 5 years old. I remember the first time my Godmother took me for an injection (my mum couldn’t take me, as she couldn’t face another one of my diva fits).

    “Funnily enough, this was also the last time my Godmother took me as I slapped the nurse….

    “Now, I know this is terrible, and I don’t condone any violence regardless of age! BUT this nurse had me sat on a counter, I fought to within an inch of my life for her to not get that pesky needle in my arm, but inevitably she did. And ohhhhh was she smug about this “See that wasn’t so bad, was it?” I’d lashed out because I knew she was patronising me…. even at 5 years of age I was a wise little nugget.

    afraid of needlesHow SkinViva tackled my needle phobia

    “Anyway, back to the matter in hand. I’m your perfect example, I have treatment, and I am not nervous or afraid beforehand, just excited to see the results.

    “I have full confidence in the aesthetic medical practitioners injecting technique and skill. Now, I know some of you are thinking I’m biased because I work for SkinViva, but I can assure you I was a happy client before I jumped on a desk here in the office!

    “Everything is put in place to minimise discomfort. Numbing cream is applied beforehand, there is lidocaine (Anaesthetic) in the actual needle, also our clinicians are trained to inject in a way that offers the least amount of discomfort. (Learn more about what to expect from your appointment).

    “Our team are empathetic and patient towards anyone nervous of needles. I can say from personal experience that you have nothing to worry about here, and I promise you won’t have the same experience as 5-year-old me.”

    So, what now?….

    If you wish to discuss our shared fear further, I’d be more than happy to have a chat! OR if you’ve heard enough, and you wish to discuss treatment further in a free consultation with one of our amazing doctors and dentists, just bob us an email contact@skinviva.com or give us a call on 0161 865 1141.

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