‘I feel like I’ve lost 2 stone!’

Are you ready to see an incredible Before and After for jawline filler treatment? Well here you go!

There was a time when people thought that injectables in medical aesthetics were second in command to surgical treatments. Well this couldn’t be more untrue.

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    jawline filler before and after

    Our lovely member of staff Lauren had jawline filler treatment and said:

    ‘I feel like I’ve lost 2 stone! I’ve never had a jawline like this before with the definition. I’m over the moon with the results and keep wanting to show it off.’


    She was completely new to the world of medical aesthetic treatments before she started working here and then she decided to give it a go after seeing the incredible results every day.

    Lauren had 4ml of Dermal Filler injected to achieve this perfectly defined and contoured jawline. Now she has the most angular of side profiles.


    It’s incredible that by simply injecting dermal filler or anti-aging injections it can make you feel such an amazing way.

    Syringes really can be just as good as scalpels. If not better.

    Bespoke to you

    What makes SkinViva special is that you are advised by medical professionals on which treatment would be best suited to you and your personal goals. Which is exactly what happened with Lauren.

    This means you will leave only when you have achieved the best results possible.

    you pointing

    Our clinicians use the scientific rules of beauty and your anatomy to find out what would be best for you.

    Therefore you will never have to worry about a treatment looking fake or out of proportion.

    Jawline Filler Facts

    This treatment has recently risen in popularity, especially with the younger demographic.

    This is most likely due to celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Instagram models having a chizzled and contoured side profile in social media images.

    jaw celeb social media

    However, this treatment is also great for those that are slightly older. This is because aging can disrupt the appearance of a straight jawline and cause it to lose definition and sink in with the rest of the face.

    A youthful face is commonly associated with having a triangular shape, whereas a typically feminine face is heart shaped. The more squared a face is the more masculine it appears.

    Dermal filler vs Anti-aging injections

    Jawline treatment can mean two different things:

    • Dermal filler – if dermal filler is used it will replace volume and shape the jaw. This will provide a supporting structure and mould the jaw. We only offer premium filler for this treatment so it lasts longer and you get the best result possible.
    • Anti-aging injections – if anti-aging injections are used then this will relax the muscles so the shape of the jawline is improved by tightening or lifting it.
    Quick fire
    • Price – £395 per 1ml
    • Lasts – 12-18 months
    • Time – 45-60 mins
    • Pain – Minimal, jawline is one of the least sensitive areas


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