“I don’t look younger. I look fresher!” – VivaLift Results

Have you ever lost weight and although you look and feel great, have thought that it’s aged your face? Well, meet Sonia. Sonia is a Personal Trainer and bodybuilder who found battling the signs of ageing a daily struggle, until she visited the SkinViva clinic in Manchester for a non-surgical facelift.

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    When preparing for competitions, Sonia will often strip down body fat. So, she could control her body from the neck down, but found she couldn’t control the effects on her face.

    “I think because I’m up and down with my body fat, you’re losing fat but you can’t help where you lose it from. I wanted to be super lean and I could control from the neck down (going to the gym, eating clean, no alcohol) …but I couldn’t control the face.”

    The ageing process is your face losing volume (fat) – and this is ultimately the reason why many people will feel like their face has aged when losing weight. Also the gaunt look being relatively ageing.


    When did you take action to battle the signs of ageing?

    “I went to do yoga and went to the back of the class as I wasn’t very confident as it wasn’t my thing. And there were all mirrors behind me. I didn’t do downward dog, I did upside down pug!”

    Sonia continues, “Because when I went upside down, I could see myself in the mirror and the wrinkles! So then, I knew I needed to do something.

    “I had a mirror on my phone and when I opened it up I could see it looking down and my face had sunk. So, I needed to come to you guys to fix it!”


    The Results: “I don’t look younger, I look fresher!”

    non-surgical faceliftFor any aesthetics clinician, the results are more than skin deep. It’s not how the patient looks and the mastery of our work, but it’s how the client feels.

    That is irreplaceable.

    Sonia comments: “I now smile all the time! Before, I knew that every time I smiled I was crinkling up.

    “I’ve always been confident, but you kind of know things aren’t quite right. So, I would put my head down, or not make eye contact. I’m now smiling constantly – I like catching my reflection.

    It was my birthday yesterday, and people were taking photographs and I was happy for to have my photo taken. Normally, I’d ask them to stand further away!

    I don’t feel like I look younger, I just feel like I look fresher. I look like the way I deserve to look.


    Expert comments with Dr Felicity

    “She was just amazing to come in and treat because you could see she was so proud of her body and what she does. But as she’s losing fat, she’s losing volume.

    “Sonia has amazing bone structure – great cheek bones and jawline to work with! But the other places, just above the bones were just starting to look more and more hollow.

    “It’s this type of thing that can make you look gaunt, tired and it can be ageing. But it’s generally just about not looking as fresh as you want to be. So, not necessarily to do with ageing.”


    What treatment did Sonia have?

    Sonia had a VivaLift with Dr Felicity after an Advanced Facial Analysis.

    The main areas of focus were adding filler to the cheeks and temples.

    “Because she’d lost volume, her face had started to drop down a little bit, which is why she was getting all the lines around her smile” says Dr Felicity. “So, we added to her cheeks as well. Not to give her big cheeks or anything like that as it’s all in proportion – it just picked up the whole face.”

    A VivaLift is a non-surgical facelift using dermal filler and anti-ageing injections.

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