“Why am I ageing?” Dr Adam explains…

I have many clients who come in and just feel something has changed. They may feel they look tired. They may feel they have aged. Or often people have had a health kick, lost a load of weight, but then realise this weight loss has aged them by 10 years!

When I explore what they feel is the main issue, many clients point to the shadow formed by the nasolabial fold. Others think their cheeks need plumping up or want their eye bags removed. Whilst some really struggle to put their finger on what the issue is.

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    What I do notice is that many people use their hands to pull back the skin on their face. And this is where the science comes into it!

    What are the signs of ageing?

    The reason we start to look older is generally down to 2 main factors:

    1. Loss of fat.
    2. Slippage of the areas we call “fat pads” down the face.

    This may be subtle at first, and can initially actually look quite attractive. Women in their early 30s may have very defined cheek bones because of fat loss below their cheeks. However, as time goes on the subtle fat loss progresses and areas such as the temples, underneath the cheek, the chin (to name but a few) all shrink and/or slip down.

    This is what forms lines, sagging jowls and all the other things that may cause a person to look older – the very tissue that people pull back on to make them look younger.

    That’s the simple science behind it.

    So, what can you do to battle the signs of ageing?

    So, I like to point out to my client’s that they are not wrong. Often some filler in the cheeks may help, and some filler in the nasolabial folds will indeed soften the shadow. But by explaining the above science and demonstrating where the fat loss has happened and what it has caused, then there is a shared understanding. We are both on the same page.

    From here, I can tailor the treatment to where the ageing has occurred, often in those areas of fat that have shrunk – to restore them to their former glory – and to harmonise this with the rest of the face using beauty ratios and proportions.

    Initially, this can be a lot of information to take in. But the good news is that SkinViva have started offering Advanced Facial Analysis (AFA) appointments. This is a relaxed, informal appointment with one of the clinicians here (free of charge might I add!) where we can talk about your concerns, expectations, your goals of treatment, and link it with all the above factors,

    And there is no obligation to have any treatment at the end of it. In addition, you can pick and choose as little or as much as you like depending on your budget.

    Interested in an AFA with Dr Adam? You can find out more by following the link or by calling one of our Customer Experience team on 0161 865 2491.

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