How to Help Excessive Sweating

How to Help Excessive Sweating

Hyperhidrosis is a condition which causes embarrassment to a great many.

excessive sweat armpitsThe condition relates to excessive sweating, often in the armpits/underarm area; although it can also happen on the hands or feet. 

Sweating is a normal and natural bodily function which is intended to regulate body temperature. So when you are warm or exercising, the body sweats and the evaporation of that sweat has a cooling effect. It can also be a response to stress or anxiety.

However, some people sweat more than others. If you regularly have damp clothing due to sweat, even in winter or when not stressed, then that could be an indication of excessive sweating. In these circumstances, the sweating can become socially difficult. It may be hard to hide or disguise, or have an odour. Patients can become very embarrassed. It isn’t about lack of personal hygiene and is difficult to control.

Self-Help Tips

There are a few remedies that can help with the symptoms of hyperhidrosis in the underarm area:

  • Make sure you use antiperspirant rather than deodorants – look for extra strong formula or long-lasting claims
  • Reapply antiperspirant regularly
  • Avoid tight, restrictive clothing and man-made fibres – choose loose cotton tops
  • Wearing patterned, white or black clothing can minimise the signs of sweating – it tends to be more visible on plain colours
  • Carry a change of clothes
  • Avoid stressful situations
  • Ensure you are at a healthy weight (people tend to sweat more if overweight)
  • Drink plenty of water

Professional Help

If excessive sweating is causing difficulties and hard to manage, then you are not alone.

Hyperhidrosis injections are available and have excellent results, literally drying up the condition for months at a time. The treatment involves careful injection of botullinum toxin (botox) into the armpit area.

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