How to Take a Perfect Selfie

Taking a nice picture can be a real challenge sometimes, and no matter what you think of self-confessed ‘selfie addicts’ like the Kardashian clan, Kim and the gang have managed to turn their signature selfies into an art form (and several million dollars to boot).

It goes without saying that most of us do not have Kim and Kanye sized entourages waiting in the wings to make sure that we look flawless in every shot, or publicists on standby to stop bad pictures of us getting published online. In fact, embarrassing Facebook pictures are just a sad reality of life for the majority of us.

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    But not everyone…

    There are a few among us who always look perfect. Everyone seems to have that ‘one friend’ who, whether they are walking home barefoot after a night out or chilling in their onesie with no makeup on, cannot seem to take a bad picture!

    So how do they do it? What is their magic formula for looking flawless and how can the rest of us replicate it?

    I caught up with the SkinViva team to get their top tips on how to look your best in selfies:


    jade selfieCustomer Service Co-ordinator Jade always makes sure she gets her best side

    “Finding out your best side is really important when you are taking a selfie. Having your Face turned at a slight angle makes you look more natural and also shows off your cheekbones.”

    latanya selfie

    Customer service’s Latanya thinks that good lighting is a must.

    “The right lighting is essential when taking a selfie, having a bright light shining on you will make your skin look flawless and your hair look glossy”

    melissa selfieBusiness Development Co-ordinator Melissa knows that you can’t underestimate the importance of flawless makeup.

    “Having great makeup is a must have when taking the perfect selfie. The right lipstick can give your photo an interesting focal point and good contouring can completely transform the look of your face.”

    dr tim pearce selfie

    SkinViva’s Dr. Tim thinks that selfie taking is a science.

    “The perfect selfie is all about the golden ratio or, as it is known in film, the rule of thirds. This states that positioning the picture’s main focal point in the top or bottom third of the frame creates the ideal proportions. Turning your head to the side slightly will accentuate your jaw line and tilting your chin down can make your eyes look bigger, however, if you are a man, tilting your jaw up slightly will make it look stronger and more masculine.”

    donkey selfieSo there you have it… With our top tips for the perfect selfie you can’t go wrong.

    But remember, the most beautiful people are the people who aren’t afraid to let their personalities shine through, so don’t worry about looking perfect all the time, sometimes the best selfies of all are the ones that aren’t planned!






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