How to fix an Asymmetrical Face!

An asymmetrical face is where the Left and Right side of the face aren’t in harmony.

This can be noticeable in certain features of the face, for example, the shape of your jawline isn’t consistent on both sides.

What options do I have to fix an Asymmetrical Face

Typically, with this sort of problem there is two types of solution Surgery and Non-Surgery.


  • It is a Permanent solution
  • The implants can be made out of Silicone, Metal & Plastic
  • The recovery time can be 6 weeks depending on the individual


  • It is a semi-permanent solution (last up to 2 years)
  • It is through the use of Botox & Fillers
  • The maximum recovery time you can have is 48 hours

How to fix an Asymmetrical face: Case Study!

Dr. Adam, a resident clinician here at SkinViva Manchester, recently treated a lady who as concerned with her facial Asymmetry.

The client received treatment in 4 areas, chin, cheeks, jawline and lips.

Dr. Adam used a cannula needle on the Cheeks and Jawline as it causes less bruising and it is a lot easier to place the filler.

How can Botox and Filler fix facial Asymmetry?

To fix a problem like an imbalance in the face using Botox and Filler we would inject in the areas which are out of proportion across the Left and Right Side of the face.

How do we know we are using the right amount?

Well at SkinViva we use the golden ratio which is a way of measuring the proportions of the different areas.

Then once we know how out of proportion the area is, we can use as much product as we need to give it the right amount of volume.


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