How to Combat Wrinkles?

Unfortunately, developing wrinkles is part of the natural ageing process but there are some lifestyle changes and actions you can make to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or slow down the rate at which wrinkles develop.


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    What causes wrinkles?


    Age – Age is a big factor in developing wrinkles. At 20, most people have smooth wrinkle-free skin but as they get older, wrinkles will start to appear and continue to do so without medical or surgical intervention.


    UV rays – Sun exposure and other sources of ultraviolet light, such as tanning beds, puts your skin at risk of being damaged by UV rays which fasten the ageing of your skin.


    Smoking – Smoking has a long list of health risks, but it can also damage hair, teeth, and skin. Tobacco contains thousands of chemicals which actually destroy the collagen and elastin in our skin.


    Dehydration – When you are not getting enough fluids, your body won’t have enough water to perform all of its regular functions. One of the reasons our bodies need water is to keep our skin hydrated, and without enough water skin will lose plumpness, leading to wrinkles.


    How to slow down wrinkles:

    A few quick lifestyle changes can help to repair your skin and combat wrinkles, such as giving up smoking, not using tanning beds and drinking more water.

    However, we have a few more tips to help prevent or reduce the appearance of wrinkles including:


    • Use vitamin A

    Vitamin A or retinol is a secret anti-ageing weapon, which you can to apply as a cream at night or wear it during the day. Change up your diet with foods rich in Vitamin A such as carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and mangos.


    • Have regular face peels

    Chemical face peels also help to keep your skin healthy by removing layers of dead skin cells. You can opt for a professional face peel, or you can buy face peel products to do at home.


    • Protect your skin from the sun

    Tanned skin can make you feel more confident, but it also comes with a price as UV rays prematurely age the skin and dehydrate it. Therefore, it is important to always wear sunscreen with a high SPF and apply it to your face and neck regularly to help prevent the development of wrinkles.


    • Moisturize your skin

     By keeping your skin moisturized, you can reduce the depth of wrinkles. Specific anti-ageing creams and serums tend to be most effective in preventing wrinkles.


    Professional treatment

    If you regularly worry about the signs of ageing, you could consider professional anti-ageing treatment. For example, SkinViva’s anti-ageing injections can temporarily lessen the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face. Our medically qualified clinicians will first consult with you to decide whether the injections are the right option for you.

    We will then talk you through the process in detail, to ensure you understand the best ways to look after their skin following the treatment. Take a look at our Before and After gallery to see the fantastic results we have delivered for our clients. Our antiwrinkle injections and fabulous skincare range will ensure the best results possible to make you feel confident in your skin again.


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