How to avoid lumps and bumps after filler treatment

Fillers have become a very popular treatment to help add volume and achieve a more symmetrical appearance but one of the most common complications is that you can develop lumps and bumps. Of course, when you go to a fully qualified, skilled aesthetics practitioner you are much less likely for this to happen, but it can still happen in some cases.


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    Some people are more prone to swelling or the filler won’t settle as well, so it is important to know the best aftercare for fillers to try and reduce the swelling as much as possible. When you see swelling, the first instinct can be to panic but you should try to remain calm about it so you can take the right actions to get rid of any lumps. After all most lumps and bumps are harmless.

    Apply ice


    After having lip fillers, it is always recommended to apply ice to help to reduce any swelling, even if you have not got any lumps or bumps. A cold compress will do the same job.

    Avoid sleeping with your face on the pillow

    If you sleep on your front or your side, then you can put extra pressure on the injection areas if your face is pressed into your pillow. For a couple of weeks after the treatment, try to sleep on your back to keep your face protected when you are asleep.

    Give it time

    Generally, any lumps or bumps that appear after fillers will disappear on their own within one to two weeks. Give the treatment a couple of weeks to improve, applying ice regularly.

    Speak to your aesthetics practitioner

    When you are choosing your aesthetics clinic to go to receive filler treatment, make sure you select someone who provides a good aftercare service, so they can provide advice whenever you need it. If you have developed any lumps, call your aesthetics practitioner and get some advice. They may ask you to go into the clinic so that they can have a look at the issue. One way of treating it is to smooth lumps out by providing a firm massage around the area.

    If you are in unbearable pain, you should seek medical help as you may have an allergic reaction to the filler or you may have a more serious complication that requires immediate attention, although this is very rare.

    The best way to avoid developing lumps and bumps after having a lip filler treatment is to go to a highly reputable clinic where you know that the clinicians will be qualified to the highest level.

    At SkinViva, all our clinicians are medical professionals with medical qualifications as well as being fully trained in performing aesthetics treatments such as lip fillers. You should never trust an unqualified person with a procedure as important as injecting fillers into your face.

    At SkinViva, you will have a professional consultation before your treatment to discuss the procedure and we will provide you with a first-class aftercare service.

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