How Stress Makes us Ugly – SkinViva in Daily Mail

SkinViva was featured in the Daily Mail both online and in the newspaper in a feature about how stress can make you appear less attreactive, with expert comment provided by SkinViva’s Dr Lucy France. How stress makes us UGLY: Emotional strain gives men and women ‘unhealthy look’ which repels potential partners

The article followed results from a study which has shown that men and women are significantly more attractive if they are less stressed.

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    Scientists say that this is due to the anxiety hormone cortisol, which increases glucose in the body, inhibits muscle and bone growth and makes people appear less healthy and therefore less attractive.

    Dr Moore, a lecturer in Psychology at the University of Dundee, has conducted several investigations into how stress can affect physical appearance.

    ‘Cortisol is an interesting hormone because it is released when we deal with a stressor, and allows us to cope in the short term.

    ‘But if it’s elevated for longer periods, though, for example during more difficult times, it can be very bad for our health’

    ‘We found that the faces of men and women who had high levels of cortisol in their saliva were rated as less attractive and healthy than those with lower levels of cortisol.

    ‘Although we haven’t yet identified specific cues to stress in the face, it seems to come down to simply how ‘healthy’ someone looks.’

    Ways to Treat Stressed Out Skin

    SkinViva’s Dr Lucy France provided advice on how to deal with stress:

    1. Physical activity – a great way to reduce stress – even a quick walk can help
    2. Eat well – health food like fruit nuts and veg are always a better option than traditional comfort foods like cakes and sweets
    3. Drink water – dehydration affects how you can cope with stress and drinking water is also good for your skin
    4. Read – reading means that you take a break and think about something else
    5. Rest – bad sleep and stress can become a vicious circle. Get a good nights sleep and you’ll cope better with stress too

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