How much dermal filler will I need?

So you’re thinking of having treatment? Are you wondering how much dermal filler you will need?

At SkinViva we understand that many people may feel nervous or anxious the first time they enter a clinic for dermal filler because of all the new information. If it is information that you are unfamiliar with, then it can sometimes be difficult to understand at first. It is easy for your mind to become flooded with questions, but we are always here to answer them for you.

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    What is dermal filler? How much will I need? How do I know how much will suit me?

    Why dermal fillers?

    The best place to start is that you want to make sure the clinician you go to has a good grasp of facial anatomy. The clinician should also be able to talk about the fillers they are going to use confidently so that they can deal with any potential complications, which are rare.

    Here at SkinViva we work with highly trained doctors and dentists who will know exactly how much filler you would need. All of our medical professionals are happy to have a conversation with you to decide which amount will be best for your desires.

    The fillers that are used at SkinViva are made of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally already produced in the body. These can be dissolved if necessary, so you do not have to worry about dermal fillers being permanent.

    The brand that we use is Juvederm as it is the best available on the market. Both standard and premium options are available for different types of outcomes.

    How much dermal filler do most people need?

    What we understand most at SkinViva is that everyone is different. At SkinViva our team of highly trained doctors and dentists will know exactly how much filler you would need when meeting you at your consultation.

    We understand that everyone is different and that everyone has a different goal for what they would like to achieve when it comes to treatments. This review from a client really proves that we take our time to understand everyone who comes through the door.

    ‘Dr Aimee is a very positive and happy person, who takes her time with you and doesn’t make you feel ‘hard sold to’ at all. My first consultation was around an hour long!’

    The majority of people only require 1ml of dermal filler. This would provide the desired outcome in popular treatments such as Cheek Enhancement and Lip fillers, creating a beautiful lift or volume. To put this into context, this is around the same amount of liquid that would fit inside a children’s medicine spoon.


    • 70% of people will require 1ml
    • 20% of people require 2ml
    • 10% of people require 3ml



    How much dermal filler will I need?

    When we initially meet some people in their consultation, some will ask for a smaller amount such as 0.5 ml as they are scared of looking ‘done’ and unnatural. However, more filler does not necessarily mean it will look fake. More filler can make your cheeks look fresher or your lips more symmetrical.

    When dermal filler is injected the results are seen immediately. This is helpful for knowing whether you would like to have more or less filler, and just generally knowing the amount that is right for you. Just look at what one of our recent clients said!


    ‘The results are effective yet look natural so I feel more confident and it has made a huge difference to me but it’s subtle enough that other people haven’t noticed a huge change.’

    The beauty of dermal filler is being able to be in complete control. You can evaluate the result once 1ml has been injected and then decide for yourself where you would like to go from there. There are no set specific rules you have to abide by.


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