How Dermal Fillers are Made – Allergan Factory Visit

allergan2 key members of SkinViva’s customer service team were lucky enough to visit Allergan’s production facility in Pringy, France; to gain a first hand understanding of the Juvéderm®and BOTOX® product manufacturing. 

Chan and Keely’s visit included a talk from Allergan scientists, explaining the Vycross technology, which took about 10 years of development to reach market.

No photos or cameras were allowed, but the girls did see scientists working on future products which they found particularly exciting.

They met the inventor of the syringe, who had adapted designs to suit feedback from busy aesthetic medicine practitioners to make it easier to use and took great pride in the difference this would make to patients too.

White coats and goggles were required for the production facility in order to maintain impeccable standards of cleanliness, hygiene; where quality was clearly to the fore, with 10 minutes inspecting every single product before it was despatch.


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