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    If you have had an injectable treatment that has not turned out how you first imagined, it can be very upsetting. Whether the clinic you used injected more filler than necessary or filler has migrated, or you did not realise how extreme the results would be, we can help as it is not unusual to have clients who have been treated elsewhere, who come to us with this problem.


    A lot of clients we speak to are looking for a more discreet and balanced look when they have an injectable treatment, but unfortunately, they do not always get the results they want. One of the main reasons that this can happen, is through going to a clinician who is not fully qualified to perform injectable treatments or perhaps someone who isn’t experienced enough to deliver really good treatments.


    If you have ever wondered why you do not see many celebrities with an overdone look, it is because they go to the top aesthetics clinics and pay the best professionals in the industry. They also know that people will be scrutinising and analysing any changes to their face or body, so they want the results to be as discreet and natural looking as possible.


    As an industry-leading aesthetics clinic and training academy, at SkinViva we work hard to raise the standards across the aesthetics industry by training qualified medical professionals to become aesthetics clinicians. This ensures that they have an in-depth medical background and understanding of the anatomical and physiological aspects of aesthetic treatments and safe effective practice.


    We also provide a free consultation to all of our clients to discuss the required results and during this process we will explain how we can avoid common aesthetic pitfalls.   Our clinicians carefully design a treatment plan based on the look that is requested, while we will advise against using too much filler as this can stretch the skin and cause long term damage or issues.


    How SkinViva can help to reverse unwanted results


    If you feel that your aesthetic treatment has not worked out the way you hoped it would, our aesthetics clinicians can provide a ‘treatment review’ and will usually be able to offer remedial actions to reverse the unwanted results caused by the previous treatment.


    Using expert physiological knowledge of the facial structure, we can design a treatment plan to balance out the appearance, which may include a few sessions of carefully placed reversals & retreatment which will balance and harmonise the face.


    If you are disappointed with the results of your aesthetics treatment, you do not have to suffer with it until the results fade over months’ if not years. Contact us today and we can discuss the options and take the first steps to getting the look you want.

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