What happens during an emergency reversal?

As I’m sure you are aware, there are always potential risks to having medical aesthetic treatments. They happen very rarely, but it is still important you are aware of what can happen.

A few weeks ago, Dr Tim experienced his first emergency reversal – after doing around 30,000 treatments in his career. Dr Tim and all the SkinViva clinicians are fully prepared for any complications, so thankfully the client was able to walk free without any damage.

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    Whether you’re a curious client or have come from SkinViva Training, take a listen to this podcast between Dr Tim and Dr Adam so you can understand the process a little bit more.

    He says

    ‘Due to the training school we have handled a total of 3, including that one, so it wasn’t my first time dealing with it. But it was my first time being fully responsible for the injection that caused it, which is a whole different emotional game’.

    There are a number of potential risk and side effects that may come from having a treatment. The most serious risk is a Vascular Occlusion, which is when a blood vessel is blocked by filler and needs to be removed.

    If the blockage is left untreated, then necrosis will occur. This is when the cells in the area die and cause death to the skin. To prevent this an emergency reversal will need to take place.


    What happens during an emergency reversal?

    • Everything will be explained to you in a calm manner
    • You will be asked to give consent for the dissolving agent (Hyaluronidase) to be administered
    • The dissolving agent will be injected in the forearm during an allergy test
    • The Hyaluronidase will be injected where the filler was placed and massaged
    • This will happen around 4 times till blood has restored to the area
    • You will leave the clinic only when you are free from all risks

    So how did Dr Tim deal with it?

    Dr Tim aspirated and was treating as normal. However, there is a very rare chance that an artery will be in a different area than to most people. This makes the chance of causing a Vascular Occlusion much higher.

    Dr Tim says

    ‘You first think ‘Could it be?’ then you falsely reassure yourself and you think, no it won’t be. Then obviously it’s on your mind now so you don’t just leave it and have a cup of tea’.

    This shows how thorough Dr Tim is and how all clinicians should be if even the slightest part of you thinks that something may be wrong.

    During an emergency reversal it is very important that the clinician is extremely calm and makes the client feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Dr Tim notified the client of everything that was going on as it was happening.

    This process can take a significant amount of time to make sure the filler is breaking down. Eventually Dr Tim’s usually calm client did become anxious, but he kept her informed and remained professional throughout the whole process.

    doctor botox fillers

    The client comes first

    In total the client was kept for a further 90 minutes than a normal appointment time, so Dr Tim could make sure everything was 100% OK. Once he gave her the all clear, he also offered to pay her a visit the next morning to check even further.

    Our client was so grateful for all the care he had shown her and how he had made her feel during a process that has potential to be very scary.

    She even booked in for a future appointment that very same day.

    This shows that our clients fully trust our clinicians due to the professionalism and high level of care that is provided.

    Clients are ALWAYS put first no matter what.

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