Growing epidemic: The overdone jawline

BREAKING NEWS – a growing epidemic has hit the streets hard this summer.

Over done jawlines are creeping up all over the city. So much so that we even predict it will make it worldwide.

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    We sent out a team of SkinViva professionals to take on the people of Manchester and find out what is really going on out there on the ground…

    What is an overdone jawline?

    This unfortunately happens when an unskilled clinician injects too much Dermal Filler into the jawline.

    This can create a very harsh and straight line across the jawline. This looks very unnatural and can make the prettiest of people look very masculine and strange.

    One of the side effects include a 90-degree angle of filler that gathers in the corner of the face between the bottom of your earlobe and the back of the jawline. The medical term ‘squear’ has been coined to help with diagnosis.

    jawline bad result

    What do the public think?

    As soon as we stepped outside, we quickly found out that people are not taking this lightly.

    One woman said

    ‘It looks like a Disney character, like a Disney villain like Gaston’

    Another horrified lady asked

    ‘That can’t be real, is this actually what people are doing?’

    How are SkinViva different?

    SkinViva offer Jawline Enhancement – yet in a way that is completely natural looking.

    Our clinicians are highly skilled medical professionals that understand the importance of proportions and the golden ratio.

    Jawline Enhancement can be a great treatment for those that want a contoured or slimmer appearance. Yet only if it is done correctly.


    For more information on Jawline Enhancement please contact 0161 865 1141.

    If you see a suspicious jawline when you’re out and about, please remember to remain calm. You do not want to alarm those around you.  

    #stopthesquear #SOSsquear

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