Five Surprising Ways of Using Botox

You will already be aware that Botox is a very effective treatment for smoothing out skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles but there are also some additional medical benefits of using Botox that you may not know about.


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    Botox is the process whereby botulinum toxin is injected into the skin. It blocks certain chemical signals that cause muscles to contract, to temporarily reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes. However, the use of Botox is also effective for treating other common health issues.

    Scientists have also discovered the following uses for Botox:


    Reduces chronic headaches


    When Botox anti-wrinkle treatments were first provided, many patients began to notice that their chronic migraines were occurring less frequently, after they had recently had a Botox injection. The drug was then tested and approved as a treatment for migraines in 2010.


    Excessive sweating


    Another noticeable effect that some people experienced was a reduction of sweating, which lead scientists to conduct further investigation. They found that Botox could be used as a treatment to reduce the condition of primary axillary hyperhidrosis, more commonly known as excessive sweating. It is now used to treat some cases of underarm sweating and has also been used on hands and feet.


    Bruxism (teeth grinding)


    People who suffer with Bruxism, which is where people grind their teeth in their sleep, or they do it unconsciously while they are awake, can also benefit from Botox treatment. Bruxism can lead to pains around the jaw and ear as well as headaches and can cause dental damage. Researchers discovered that Botox was able to relax the masseter jaw muscle to prevent the grinding. We actually offer this treatment at SkinViva Clinic! 


    Overactive bladder


    Another surprising way that Botox can be used is to help treat an overactive bladder. Scientists explored the use of Botox to relax the bladder and the results showed that this was able to reduce the number of incidents of urinary incontinence.


    Crossed eyes


    Botox was actually originally discovered to treat people with crossed eyes, rather than for smoothing out wrinkles or any of the other health issues listed above. The Botox injection was used to relax the eye muscles that control the direction of the eyeball, to help align the eyeballs to a straighter position.


    Botox has been used to treat all of these issues and many more, as the ability to relax specific areas and muscles in the body enables a wide range of beneficial health treatments when used in very small doses. 

    As with any type of Botox injection, these types of procedures should only ever be performed by a fully qualified medical professional. While at SkinViva we only offer aesthetic treatments, our clinicians are still qualified to the highest level of aesthetics and are all fully qualified medical professionals, which is a minimum of what you should always expect from any clinic providing Botox. The dangers of using someone without the correct qualifications can be catastrophic, so make sure you choose the right clinic for your treatments.

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