Facial Fillers Facts

What you need to know about choosing dermal fillers

question markFacial filler injections are one of the most popular anti-ageing treatments in the UK today, second only to botox when it comes to professional treatments.

However, there is surprisingly little regulation in the market at the moment. Although plans are afoot for enforcing higher professional standards, until then patients are advised to choose their products and provider with care.

Not all facial fillers are the same

In the UK, there are literally hundreds of fillers available at the moment with little governance regarding quality. A government report April 2013 stated:

most dermal fillers have no more controls than a bottle of floor cleaner

Choosing a top brand reputable filler such as Juvederm, Radiesse, Sculptra or Restylane is a very sensible option.

Not all fillers are temporary

There are still some permanent fillers available. These are generally not best practice, after disastrous problems with permanent fillers left some high profile patients with problems.

However, reputable fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane are temporary, so any effects will fade after a few months (at which point further treatment can be carried out).

Again, the message is to check what filler is being used.

Practitioners don’t need any training!

While dermal fillers are generally considered by the public to be a medical procedure (after all, they involve injections with a syringe), in practice, there are no minimum standards for those injecting. No need for training or qualifications at all. The same government report explained:

anyone can set themselves up as a practitioner, with no requirement for knowledge, training or previous experience

Reputable Fillers Provider

Patients looking to have facial filler treatment in the North West will be reassured to know that SkinViva ticks all the boxes. They only use top brand fillers and all their injections are carried out by trained clinicians. The company was established in January 2008 and remains an independent, doctor-led organisation with a firm commitment to patient welfare and safety, as well as great aesthetic results.

Appointments are available at an extensive network of 85+ convenient locations across the North West including Cheshire, Lancashire and Manchester.

SkinViva offer a range of popular cosmetic skin treatments to help customers achieve better skin. Their treatments include botox, dermaroller micro-needling and top brand skin creams; options capable of making the skin look fresher, younger and healthier.

In line with the survey, they see many women and men seeking skin improvement before a big event; although many of these like the results so much that they become regular clients.

FREE Consultation

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