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Diane recently received a non-surgical facelift using anti-ageing injections and Dermal Fillers (a VivaLift) with Dr Felicity at the SkinViva Manchester clinic, and the results are incredible.

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    Dr Felicity used Dermal Filler by Juvederm in a combination of different areas to rejuvenate and refresh the entire face. A VivaLift (non-surgical facelift) is a holistic treatment that treats the entire face with small amounts of filler.


    Why did Diane seek a facelift using anti-ageing injections & Dermal Fillers?

    facelift using botox and fillers

    After turning 49 and losing a lot of weight, Diane began to grow a lot of anxieties around the way she looked.

    It hit Diane the hardest when she didn’t even feel good or confident enough to go to her own daughters 18th birthday meal.

    “I felt a lot of stress and anxiety about the way that I looked. I felt that low and insecure that I just couldn’t go to her birthday meal”


    How did Diane feel after a non-surgical facelift?

    “I felt unbelievable, it was like my wedding day and having my children. The adrenalin and the buzz.”

    “I’ve got things organised now where I’m excited to put a dress on and do my face and hair. I feel like a new person”

    The aim of all of our treatments at SkinViva is to make you feel like you can put your best foot forward and we are so glad that Diane can now do that!

    What is the difference between a VivaLift and a surgical facelift? Find out here: https://www.skinviva.com/surgical-face-lift-vs-vivalift/


    What areas did Diane have treated?

    diane liquid face lift

    liquid face lift

    Temples – Temple filler is usually a finishing touch treatment, but for Diane the lack of volume was making her look gaunt.

    Lines around the mouth – Diane’s mian concern was the feathering lines near her mouth. Instead of filling in each line, adding filler to the surrounding areas helped to lift out the lines.

    Cheeks – Diane had stunning cheekbones, yet they weren’t reaching their full potential due to a lack of volume above (temples) and below in the cheek area.

    Jawline – There was a little indent between where the chin and jowl met. By injecting a little bit of filler it helped to smooth this out and create a seamless transition.

    Lips – Diane received a natural looking Lip Augmentation that just added a slight bit of volume and definition. This helped to balance all the features on the face.


    How much does a facelift cost using fillers?

    At SkinViva, we charge per ml for Dermal Fillers and per area for anti-ageing injections.

    1 area of anti-ageing injections = £180

    2 areas of anti-ageing injections = £259

    3 areas of anti-ageing injections = £299

    Standard Juvederm Ultra range = from £259 per 1ml

    Premium Juvederm Vycross range = from £329 per 1ml.

    Diane received 13mls in total, along with 2 areas of anti-ageing injections.


    You don’t need to have a VivaLift all in one go. it can be completed in stages you feel most comfortable with. And we also have a monthly payment schemeto help you spread the cost – interest free!

    Vivalifts can range from 5ml – 18ml as the number of mls is completely bespoke to you and your goals.


    Want to know more about a VivaLift? Click here for all the information 

    To book in for a FREE consultation for a VivaLift just like Diane’s, please call 0161 865 1141 or e-mail contact@skinviva.com

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    • Sally says:

      Great results but not long lasting. It would be more cost effective to have a surgical facelift

      • Client Liaison says:

        A standard facelift is around £10k ao the VivaLift certainly costs a lot less in the short term. As it is a temporary procedure, the VivaLift won’t last forever, bt it can be repeated when results wear off and also be modified to suit the ageing face. A surgical facelift is radical surgery, involving permanent removal of loose skin, a hospital stay and recovery implications. There are pros and cons to both. You might find this article of interest https://www.skinviva.com/surgery-vs-fillers-best-option-face-lift/. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to discuss the options with our team.

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