Eyelash Serum Study Proves Effectiveness

Researchers at Southampton General Hospital and St Louis University in the US have collaborated in a year-long research study into the effectiveness of eyelash growth  serums, the results of which have been published online by The British Journal of Dermatology .

The serum containing bimatoprost was applied daily to the upper eyelid of patients in two groups – the first with poor eyelash growth and the second who had lost eyelashes as a result of chemotherapy treatment.

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    The formula was originally developed to treat glaucoma and ocular hypertension as a daily eyedrop, but has since been found to be effective at stimulating eyelash growth. This study is the first long-term investigation the cosmetic effects of applying it to the eyelid, where it is used to thicken, lengthen and darken eyelashes.

    Parwez Hossain, consultant ophthalmologist and associate professor of ophthalmology at the University of Southampton, explained the findings:

    ‘This study shows bimatoprost is a safe and effective treatment for eyelash growth over a sustained period of time for anyone affected by poor eyelash length, thickness and darkness.

    ‘It also offers, for the first time, a viable, rapid treatment option for patients who have suffered eyelash loss as a result of chemotherapy, which is something we know has a strong negative impact on patients’ psychological well being.’

    Previous trials only studied the eyelash growth effect for 4 months and no previous studies have examined its use for former chemotherapy patients.

    Eyelash Improvement Results

    After the first six months, results were as follows:

    For those with poor eyelashes:
    • length increased by 25% – from 5.69mm to 7.12mm
    • thickness increased by 65% – from 0.79mm to 1.30mm
    • darkness improved by 17% – from 149.29 to 127.95 (a negative change means darker)
    Former chemotherapy patients
    • length increased by 40% from 4.87mm to 6.84mm
    • thickness increased by 302% from 0.39mm to 1.18mm
    • darkness improved by 18% – 156.16 to 132.65

    All six-month results were maintained or enhanced at 12 months.

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    Before and after photos:

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