Eyelash Extension Treatment – A Diary

SkinViva is introducing a new eyelash extension treatment that dramatically helps to grow and thicken eyelashes, meaning you will never have to use a set of fakes ever again!

Our budding volunteer Miranda has been trying our amazing new serum over the past couple of months with almost impossible-sounding results and has kindly recorded a little diary to share with you all about her time using the treatment. Please enjoy!

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    I’m looking forward to being the SkinViva guinea pig for our new eyelash serum. There’s quite a buzz in the industry about it and more and more clients and salons are asking us “what’s the story with this botox for lashes?” I’ll be able to tell them soon!

    Week 1

    The serum arrived, hurray! I’m looking forward to get cracking with it. I found the applicators really easy to use, as per Dr Tim’s instructions. He said to avoid getting it in my eyes, and it was easy. Happy days! He has also been on Facebook asking who’d like some “Botox for lashes” and got a great response. So it’s not just me then! By the end of the week I swear I’m starting to see results already! My lashes are definitely longer; I can tell when I put mascara on. I just hope it’s not the placebo effect! I will be watching this closely.

    Week 2

    I definitely wasn’t imagining the results! I showed my sister and she reckoned she could totally see the difference. Exciting stuff! It makes me want to be even more vigilant with making sure I use the serum each night, and I’m going to have to buy lots more mascara at this rate. By the end of the week I’m definitely believer! I can’t get over how quick the transformation has been. I’m bowled over as Dr. Tim definitely under-promised. I wonder if it’s just me; do I have particularly responsive eyelashes!?

    Week 3

    The guys in the office are starting to comment on my fab lashes this week. Though, they do know that I’m using the serum; the test will be when someone notices unprompted. I went away this weekend and was super careful to pack the serum in my wash bag – it’s becoming part of my essentials kit… concealer – check; blusher – check; eyelash serum – check. Ready to go!

    Week 4

    It happened; a stranger comment on my lashes! Well, I say ‘a stranger’; it was actually a makeup artist who was very close to my face at the time! My sister and I were getting our makeup done at a Bobbie Brown counter in preparation for her wedding in France soon and the lady said “your eyelashes are lovely and long”….ooh la la! But maybe she just says that to all her clients.

    Week 5

    I’ve been deliberately not telling my friends to see if they notice without me saying something. I was out with friends yesterday and one of the girls was looking at me a bit funny for a while. I thought I might have some food on my face at first, but she soon piped up, “do you have false eyelashes on?”. Everyone agreed, even the boys. Result!

    Week 6/7

    I’ve been neglecting the diary for this week unfortunately, but I’ve been racking up the comments from friends and people at SkinViva demo nights etc. It’s nice as I don’t get out of the office much! I really think this eyelash treatment is going to be big when we launch it.

    Week 8/9

    Recently, I’ve been watching out for any side effects from the serum. But nothing; just longer lashes! I’ve started to notice the lashes are getting a bit thicker and darker, as well as longer, which I didn’t notice at first. I wear contact lenses most days but it’s getting to the point where, when I put glasses on, my lashes are hitting the glass! An industry insider whose colleague used the serum told me that she’d had to trim her lashes because they were hitting her glasses too, but you won’t catch me cutting these babies. I’m a slave to fashion all the way.

    Week 10

    I’m going to sign off this diary now because it will start to get a bit repetitive soon: “OMG, OMG, I can’t get over how awesome my lashes are”. You get the general picture! For me, this eyelash treatment works a treat, was effortless to apply, and most importantly the results are fantastic!

    Over and out lash fans!


    Before & After Lash Enhancement Serum

    eyelash serum before  mp lashes after

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