What to expect in a Botox appointment

You’re considering having Botox treatment to either your forehead, frown or crows’ feet (or all three), but you’re not sure what to expect? Here, Dr Aimee gives a running order of the appointment.


Where can you have Botox?

The majority of customers tend to go for the 3 areas of Botox to the upper half of the face – addressing the crows feet, the frown and and strong muscles in the forehead. Whereas dermal filler lifts or fills an area, Botox relaxes the muscle preventing any lines appearing as you move these parts of your face.


What should I do after having Botox?

In the first two hours of having Botox treatment, it’s best to keep moving the muscles to activate the treatment and move the Botox into the right area. Such as frowning, raising your eyebrows and smiling (for treatments to the forehead).

We would avoid touching the area or popping any makeup on for at least 6 hours, in case you infect the areas of injection.

It’s also worth avoiding anything that can raise your body temperature for at least 48hrs. This could include alcohol, saunas, exercise or sunbeds.

See more aftercare advice.


How much is Botox?

We charge £180 for one area, £259 for 2 areas and £299 for 3 areas. Examples of what we would class as an area is crow’s feet or the frown etc.

Direct debit options are also available from £38.82 per month.


If you’re interested in booking a Botox treatment, then please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0161 865 1141 or email contact@skinviva.com.

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