Elissa Corrigan – Da Vinci Lip Enhancement

by Elissa Corrigan (Desperate Scousewife)

All too often these days you see them with their uneven fullness, over-pronounced Cupid’s bow or hard lumpy texture.  You can spot them a mile off, those pouty duck faces.

Of course- what I’m talking about is a bad lip job.

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    I know as I say the words ‘bad lip job’ a few well known famous faces will have popped in your head. (Names withheld to protect the innocent!).

    There’s plenty of reasons why these women’s lips end up looking less than luscious, but mainly these otherwise attractive women have failed to remember the golden rule: Less is more.

    After witnessing so many terrible lips, I have always said I would never touch my pout in the pursuit of perfection, because why risk looking like you have been permanently stung by a bee? That was until I heard about a pioneering lip enhancement from my well-trusted Botox practioner Dr. Tim at SkinViva.

    Everyone notices a decrease in the fullness as they get older and I am no exception. Throughout my twenties I’d noticed a slight thinning of my mouth. At first I’d been relying on Lip Voltage – the gloss that makes your lips bigger. But I found the burning sensation unbearable, the chemical taste was toxic, it wears off too quickly and quite frankly, you can’t kiss anyone without them feeling like they have been snogging chilli’s. So I opted for the needle.

    Believe me it was a big decision for me to get my lips plumped. My boyfriend threatened to finish me, my dad said he would disown me and all my pals thought I was crazy.

    Despite ALL that opposition – I was still determined and here’s the reason why….Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the ‘Da Vinci lip enhancement’.

    Genius Dr. Tim has devised a new way to make sure you never go too full, too pouty or too over inflated – even if you ask for it. How? Like Leonardo Da Vinci’s deep understanding of ‘proportion’, Dr Tim uses a unique way of measuring your natural lip. He works out the optimum fullness with his golden ratio and only uses the correct amount of filler to keep your pout in proportion to your face.

    If you ask for your little lips to be transformed into Angelina Jolie, then forget it. But if, like me, you just want that slightly fullness added your natural mouth, then Dr.Tim is the man who can.

    Does it hurt? Not really. Industrial strength numbing cream makes sure you don’t feel the injections, while the solution – I opted for Juvederm Voluma – which contains more anaesthetic so it numbs even more as it goes in.

    As with any plumping procedure, expect swelling. My lips swelled to a comical size that evening and were ridiculous. But from the ridiculous came the sublime and after four days of settling, my slightly fuller pout was beautiful.

    The reaction has been great. So great in fact, that many of my friends have booked in for the same procedure. But of course, the only opinion that matters is mine, and I love them!

    If you’re a lip plumping virgin, like myself – then choose your practioner wisely. I can’t recommend SkinViva highly enough. My before and after pout speaks for itself.

    before and after lips Elissa

    before and after lips side Elissa

    Lip Filler Experts, Manchester

    Elissa Corrigan visited Dr Tim Pearce at SkinViva in Manchester, where a team of aesthetic clinicians are highly trained in advanced lip filler techniques, making SkinViva an excellent choice for any patient seeking treatment in the North West.

    Alongside their own flagship Manchester Clinic, SkinViva also offer an extensive choice of conveniently located salons in Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Manchester, Stockport and Bury.

    For further information or to arrange a confidential consultation, please call 0161 865 1141, email contact@skinviva.com.

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