Dr Sharan’s #TreatmentOfTheMonth: Neck Lines

Neck line removal is Dr Sharan’s #TreatmentOfTheMonth for March 2018! This is a new treatment that has been added to the SkinViva catalogue of aesthetic treatments recently, by Dr Sharan herself.

Here, Dr Sharan explains why she’s chosen Neck Filler treatment as her #TreatmentOfTheMonth.

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    What is Neck Line removal?

    As Dr Sharan says in the video, firstly, if you have lines on your neck and they don’t bother you – then great! This treatment has been designed with the people in mind who are self-conscious about the lines that may have appeared on their neck as they’ve aged.

    Clients who have come to us trying to seek help have disliked the fact that things like make-up or fake tan can get clogged into their neck lines and in these cases, conscious that this only highlights them.

    Neck line treatment can be the perfect accompaniment to any rejuvenation aesthetics treatment.


    Neck line removal: before and afters

    This has been one of our favourite results from neck filler. This client has been thrilled with the results, and now has the confidence to not consciously pick a high neck or turtle neck top.

    neck line filler

    neck line treatment

    How much is Neck Line removal?

    To reduce the lines on your neck costs we use our premium Juvederm dermal filler range. It costs:

    £395 per 1ml.

    Without a consultation, it’s hard to say how much you’ll exactly need. This is varied depending on how deep the lines are and how many you’re looking to have treated. Typically, clients will need 1ml to 2ml, with a possible 1ml top up as the filler settles into the lines.


    How long will it last?

    Each client is different when it comes to how their body breaks down the dermal filler. Those who exercise regularly are more likely to speed up the process as the blood rushes around the body.

    Typically, with our premium Juvederm dermal filler range (Vycross), clients will receive at least 12-18 months out of treatment.


    Does it hurt?

    This is surprisingly painless depending on where on the neck you’re having treated. A lot off our clients have been surprised how little it has hurt, going into treatment thinking it would be one of the more painful areas to treat.

    Some clients have found that the further towards the collar bone area is treated, the more of a slight stinging pain they felt. But nothing too uncomfortable or unbearable. For the majority of the injections, it’s quite rare to feel nearly anything.


    Ok, so how do I book in for neck line treatment?

    The first thing would be to have a free consultation with one of our clinicians, to see if we can indeed make a positive change that fits within your expectations. A consultation only takes around 20 minutes and is the perfect opportunity to ask any questions or address any fears you may have.

    To arrange your consultation, call the clinic on 0161 865 1141 or fill out the contact form on this page.

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