Dr Sabba on… DaVinci Lip Enhancement

Dr Sabba analysed a DaVinci Lip Enhancement before and after photo…

Although Dr Sabba did not perform this treatment, she was able to expertly analyse the work done. Lip enhancement treatments are performed by our specialist aesthetic medical professionals who inject dermal filler into the lips. Dr Sabba’s expert analysis…

The team here at SkinViva carefully assess every individual and analyse lip proportions in relation to the nose, jaw and chin. 

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    Key principles of the golden ration are adhered to resulting in a more beautiful mouth area.

    before lip fillersda vinci lip enhancement

    • See how her top lip is more defined at the border with enhancement of the cupids bow. Her lips are no longer flat and have a natural pout.
    • Increasing the volume in her top lip has brought them in line with the golden ratio
    • The philtrum has increased in definition, giving a more youthful appearance to the mouth.
    • Other areas which can be treated when undertaking lip rejuvenation include upper lip lines aka smokers lines and down-turning at the corners of the mouth – these can also be targeted to make the whole mouth area including lips appear fresher and more youthful.

    A concern cited by many clients is the dreaded ‘trout pout’.  The above picture shows that lip enhancement with dermal filler does not have to look unnatural or fake and can result in a naturally beautiful look.

    SkinViva offers free consultations with the Aesthetic Clinician who would carry out your treatment – an ideal opportunity to discuss any concerns in advance.

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