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Have you made a commitment to yourself that 2018 is your year? But you’re already feeling shattered? We’re with you. The Christmas break has made it near impossible to kickback into our normal regime again… meaning our dark circles are looking more like craters.

We feel your pain.

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    …and so does the incredible, Dr Felicity. And that’s why her #TreatmentOfTheMonth for January is Tear Troughs!

    What is tear trough treatment?

    Dark circles are often caused by a shadow that forms under the eye as the area begins to hollow. It’s particularly poignant for those who may have lost a lot of weight.

    It can make you feel as though you look tired even though you’ve had a good night’s sleep” says Dr Felicity. So by having the area treated, you’ll “look refreshed right away.


    How do you treat tear troughs?

    Dr Felicity explains, “It’s a very simple treatment. We place [dermal] filler into the hollow, just underneath the eye.

    “It helps to lift the surface of the skin so the light reflects & bounces off it to make you look really fresh and awake.”


    How long does tear trough treatment take?

    It usually takes no longer than 40 minutes.

    The best part is, there is very little down time. In the majority of cases you’re able to go back to work straight away.

    You may just have slight bruising or soreness for a few days.


    How much does Tear Trough treatment cost?

    As this is an advanced treatment, we only use our premium Juvederm filler to treat the tear troughs. This means you can expect to get around 12-18 months out of the treatmenton average.

    £595 per 1ml

    We also have a monthly payment scheme option of £49.17 per month.


    non-surgical faceliftWOW! Dr Felicity transforms client.

    Our clinicians genuinely love watching someone transform in front of their eyes thanks to the work they’ve done – not just in appearance but with their confidence and self-esteem. It’s priceless.

    Dr Felicity had the privilege of working with Sonia Jones on a VivaLift, that included tear trough treatment.

    Click Sonia’s picture below to see her results.




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