Dr Ahmed’s Treatment of the Month: Cheek Fillers!

It’s September and here at Skinviva we’re kicking off the month with our first ever Treatment of the Month! This month, Dr Ahmed has chosen Cheek Fillers.

There are many benefits to having your cheeks enhanced, but let us not steal Dr Ahmed’s thunder. Watch this short video to find out what cheek fillers can do…

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    The benefits of Cheek Fillers

    Dr Ahmed explains ageing starts in the mid-face, aka your cheeks! By restoring volume along the cheek bone using fillers, it will not only prevent those signs of ageing but it will also lift.

    By having cheek fillers, it could also improve:

    • Nose to Mouth lines (nasolabial folds): by adding volume, you’re lifting the area. In turn reducing nose to mouth lines caused by ageing
    • Nose to Chin lines (marionette lines): again, by adding volume to the cheek it will lift the area which can include any mouth to chin lines
    • Jawline: although less likely, it may even improve the jawline (such as jowls) as you are lifting the skin
    • Eyes: because you’re adding filler along the cheek bone, you could improve the tear trough region which in turn will make your eyes look less tired

    All in all, you get a lot of benefit from one single cheek filler treatment.


    What is Treatment of the Month?

    Every month going forward, SkinViva will be introducing a Treatment of the Month at the beginning of every new calendar month.

    Each month, we’ll showcase a different treatment and doctor, to raise awareness of the treatments SkinViva offer. We’re so much more than Botox and Lip Fillers!


    SkinViva reviews – Dr Ahmed

    We’re so our clients love Dr Ahmed as much as we do! He’s such a great personality to have around and can really brighten your mood. So it comes as no surprise, he’s not short of an amazing review from past clients.

    Here are some of the recent reviews Dr Ahmed has received on the SkinViva Facebook page:

    cheek filler: treatment of the month cheek filler: treatment of the month

    Whenever SkinViva receive a new 5 star review, we share them around the team. They’re a fantastic reminder of the reasons why we get up in the morning and do what we love! If you have had a treatment by Dr Ahmed or one of our other medically trained Doctors, please leave us a review – we’d love to hear about your experience.


    Would you like to Cheek Fillers?

    If you would like to book in for Cheek Enhancement using dermal filler with Dr Ahmed, then please don’t hesitate to call us on 0161 865 1141 or visit https://www.skinviva.com/treatments/cheek-fillers/.

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