Dr Ahmed: Getting rid of frown lines

It’s surprising how much your mood can change when someone remarks “turn that frown upside down” …and you’re not even feeling low!

Unfortunately, frown lines and an apparent “sagging” of the face are all common side effects of ageing. But, (and there’s always a but) there are ways to delay the signs of ageing with a couple of quick and relatively pain free procedures. Interested?

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    Treating the frown or general sagging of the face is one of Dr Ahmed’s favourite treatments. Why? Because the results can take years off a client’s appearance.

    Dr Ahmed explains:dr-ahmed: cheek treatment for frown lines

    “Google the word frown and you get results like disapproval, displeasure and anger – all emotions that we could without in our lives! And yet, 5 quick injections of botulinum toxin and you can eliminate the potential of hearing those dreaded words like “Stop frowning”.

    Scientists have confirmed that most ageing usually starts around the midface, where a combination of volume loss, weaker ligaments and decreased bone density lead to a saggy and often sad look.

    At a recent conference in London, a study was discussed, where they asked a large number of women what really bothers them most about ageing. The number one issue more than anything else was sagging of the skin – more than wrinkles and loss of smooth texture.

    So, it makes sense to do something that will address this. I give you cheek treatment. Not only does it serve to enhance the youthful curvature of the cheek bone, but more significantly it adds volume, hence lifts the skin!

    Carefully placing filler along the cheek bone, you may get improvement in nasolabial folds, corners of mouth lifted, marioneets improved and jowls may disappear!

    Commonly people ask me but I don’t want hamster cheeks. Well, neither do I.

    The cheek treatment will only involve filler placed strategically along the cheek bone with care taken to respect the natural beauty ratios and dimensions.

    So, the next time you visit me and I start talking cheeks, you understand why!”

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