Dr Adam: My journey into aesthetics

Dr Adam joined the SkinViva family near the beginning of 2017 and has since grown an impressive client following. Here, he talks about where his passion for medical aesthetics came from and some of the inspiring client stories he’s been part of so far: Dr Adam: how I came to SkinViva.

Then while on a minor surgery course, I came to realise I have an incredibly steady hand for injections! I contacted Dr Tim after finding out about SkinViva and after watching me perform some injections, I believe he was also quite impressed, offering to train me 1-2-1 and work at SkinViva!!

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    Since then I have trained in non-surgical rhinoplasty, nasolabial folds, marionettes, tear trough, temples, forehead filler, chin and jawline, lips, Botox to face neck and armpits – and I am continually learning and striving to perfect these skills and learn new ones.

    Joining the team here at SkinViva has been one of the highlights of my career as a doctor so far, and I am so lucky to work in such a friendly, supportive, positive environment; where there is such an emphasis on good communication skills and a heavy focus on holistic treatments.


    Client Stories

    Working at SkinViva couldn’t be more rewarding, especially when I go home with a smile on my face due to some of the client’s I’ve helped.

    Here are two occasions that have stuck with me.

    1. One lady had huge confidence issues about deep temple hollows (a treatment not many people know exists!!) and after just one treatment she was literally in tears she was so happy, and said she finally felt happy with her appearance for the first time in her life. You can’t top the feeling that gives you as an Aesthetic Practitioner.

    2. Another gentleman came in with confidence issues about his nose after several fractures, and even 2 operations which left him with a look he was not happy with. After a careful discussion and in-depth consultation, I performed a non-surgical (liquid) rhinoplasty using dermal fillers and the transformation in his appearance was incredible. He was extremely pleased with the results and left with a beaming smile – one happy client, I believe!


    What is your favourite treatment?

    Lip treatment is a personal favourite of mine, and I particularly love the way SkinViva strives for beauty and harmonious ratios with our Da Vinci Lips, rather than making clients look “done” – and indeed most people come to us because they like this aspect of the company. One lady told me she wanted to look fresher and younger, but that she did not want people to look at her and notice that she had obviously had treatment – and so she came to the right place.


    Being an Aesthetic Clinician

    Indeed, I do advise clients against having treatment if they do not need it, or if I don’t feel there will be an improvement – which should be reassuring to those who don’t know whether they might benefit from a particular type of treatment.

    More recently, I have been using facial profiling, where I can skilfully analyse a client’s face, using well known beauty ratios and proportions, advising clients on those subtle signs of ageing for which a VivaLift will make a lovely difference. This is an enjoyable but informal chat with plenty of time for questions and answers for the client.

    Learn more about a VivaLift: https://www.skinviva.com/treatments/vivalift/

    This is a field of work which is growing rapidly, as more people opt for non-surgical treatments. Choosing the right practitioner is very important and I hope that my clients will continue to feel thrilled and contented with the treatments I provide at SkinViva.


    If you’d like to book in with Dr Adam for a consultation on how he can help boost your confidence, then please don’t hesitate to call on 0161 850 1141.

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