Do Not Risk False Eyelashes

Why False Eyelashes Can Be Counter-Productive

eyelash serumFull eyelashes are undoubtedly a very attractive and alluring facial feature, drawing the attention the eyes.

The market for false eyelashes in the UK is huge as women seek to improve on what nature provided and a great many women consider fake eyelashes as an essential part of their daily grooming.

However, the eye area is delicate and sensitive and long term use of synthetic eyelashes and glue can risk problems.

The news this week highlighted the case of Caroline Medcalf, who after using false eyelashes for a year had just a handful of natural lashes left. In order to regain some normality to her appearance, she had invested £4,000 having an eyelash transplant – a procedure which takes hair from the back of the head and painstakingly transplants it to the eyelid. As the hair will continue to grow in the same way as head hair, she will have to trim it regularly.

Natural Eyelash Booster

How much better it is to safeguard your natural eyelashes.

SkinViva clinicians and doctors & dentists offer a special eyelash enhancement serum, which works to stimulate growth and improve retention of natural eyelashes, so patients can ditch the false ones.

The eyelash enhancement treatment shows results within just one week of daily use, building up to maximum impact in 3 months.

Test show that the serum makes lashes grow on average:

  • – 25% longer
  • – 106% thicker
  • – 18% darker

Eyelash Enhancement at SkinViva

SkinViva offer a range of popular cosmetic skin treatments including botox, dermal fillers, dermaroller micro-needling and top brand skin creams as well as eyelash growth serum.

All treatments are carried out by qualified Clinicians and the team is led by fully qualified doctor and Clinical Director, Dr Tim Pearce MB ChB BSc (Hons) MRCGP.

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