What is the difference between an AFA and a Consultation?

One of our most frequently asked questions is about the difference between a standard consultation and an AFA. In this post all your anticipated questions will be answered as we go through the main differences between the two consultations.

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    So, let’s start with a standard consultation. If you’re interested in a specific treatment such as Lip Enhancement, it will come with a consultation that is completely free of charge. During this consultation our medical professionals will specifically discuss the process of having Lip Fillers and will answer any concerns you may have.

    But what exactly is an AFA? AFA stands for Advanced Facial Analysis which is a unique concept to SkinViva.

    This involves an in-depth consultation that is made up of 3 different components:

    • Your psychology
    • Your anatomy
    • Your science of beauty

    By using these unique components, the clinicians will draw up a specific treatment plan that is tailored and bespoke to you and your perfect ratios.

    The 3 components that make an AFA different

    The main thing that makes an AFA different to a standard consultation is the combination of psychology, anatomy and science.

    Dr Sharan says that “the difference really comes from the detail that is involved and the level of the consultation”.

    For example, the first component around your psychology really lets our clinicians get to know you.

    1. Our clinicians listen to your story, your perceptions and what you ideally want out of a treatment. We don’t only care about the things you wish were slightly different, but we also want to know about the things you love about yourself! This allows us to help you with things you’d like to change, whilst also being able to enhance the things you already like. The end result is about improving your well-being.
    2. The next component that makes up an AFA is the physical anatomy. This involves looking at everything from your skin and teeth, to the fat pads beneath the skin. Our clinicians are aware that everyone’s bones and muscles are in a different condition to each another. Most importantly, they are aware of the differences as your face changes each year, between the face of a 25 year old and a 70 year old.
    3. The third component to consider in an AFA is science. This also includes all the mathematic rules and ratios that help in creating an ideal beauty. This lets our medical professionals create results that look as natural as can be. This is important to us as most people fear looking too ‘done’ and want to carry on looking just like themselves. By using these scientific and mathematic ratios, this helps create the perfect volume, shadows and contours that are tailored to your needs.

    How will an AFA benefit you?

    An Advanced Facial Analysis goes into great detail as it allows our clinicians to analyse the entire face, rather than just one area as is done in a standard consultation.

    Dr Sharan describes this as “giving us permission to then analyse the face and measure the ratios”.

    This is perfect for clients who are unsure about the exact treatments they want to go for, yet still having a particular goal in mind for themselves.

    what to expect in botox treatmentAn Advanced Facial Analysis is also useful for those who tend to self-diagnose themselves with needing a particular treatment just because a friend may have had it and they think it will benefit them as well. Yet because the AFA will look at the whole face rather than just one certain area, this allows room for new opportunities using the scientific golden ratios. This gives our clients the perfect opportunity to explores all types of treatments that they may never have thought would benefit them.

    Another benefit of the AFA is that it is completely free, just like the regular consultations. This means that there is no pressure to get anything done if you don’t feel fully comfortable. AFA’s are great as they can be customised to a client’s personal needs and requirements. An AFA can be made suitable for anyone as we take into consideration the different costs, lifestyle factors and number of injections a certain client may want.


    What will you get from an AFA?

    Overall, you will walk away from our clinic with a feeling of empowerment. You will be given a personalised plan that is tailored to all your desires that will help you achieve your goals. The AFA will calm those anxieties that have been on your mind for so long as all your questions will have finally been answered. You also walk away with the choice of exactly what you want to do, feeling in complete control of your aims.


    To book an Advanced Facial Analysis with one of our clinicians, call the clinic on 0161 865 1141 or e-mail at contact@skinviva.com. The appointment will take around 40 minutes and you will come out with a treatment plan bespoke to you. 

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