Are Dermal Fillers Safe?

Whether it’s due to natural caution or media scare stories, many people do wonder whether dermal fillers are safe.  

We asked Dr Adam to give his expert opinion and advice on the matter in our latest video:

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    He says:

    “A lot of clients come in asking if dermal fillers are safe to use.

    “My answer would be YES they are safe in the right hands, so when choosing a clinician you want to make sure that they have good facial anatomy, that they can talk about the fillers that they are going to use, they can deal with any complications; and at SkinViva, we’re all doctors and dentists so we have good facial anatomy knowledge and we can deal with any potential complications, which are very rare.

    “The fillers that we use here are hyaluronic acid fillers and the good thing about them is that they can be dissolved if necessary.

    “So in summary my answer would be yes, in the right hands, dermal fillers are safe to use.”

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