Dermal Fillers – they’re meant for men too!

Do men come to mind when you think of somebody wanting dermal filler treatment?

Well, we definitely have plenty of male clients visiting the SkinViva Manchester clinic for aesthetic treatments.

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    Here we will discuss how dermal fillers can have multiple benefits on a man and their confidence levels.

    before after male treatment fillers

    What treatments did he have?

    At SkinViva, our clinicians recognise the difference between a feminine and a masculine face. This means you won’t have to worry about getting the wrong type of look for you.

    Cheek Enhancement

    When you typically think of Cheek Enhancement, you think of it creating a feminine and heart shaped face.

    However, Cheek filler can also restore the area where volume has been lost. Filler can add some lift and get the youth back into the cheeks to wind back the clock.

    Tear Trough

    Been feeling the stress at work? Having late nights? This can easily show up in the face of men, especially around the eye area.

    Having Tear Trough treatment has made this client look fresher and that he has had a good night sleep. This treatment doesn’t have to create that feminine wide-eyed look.

    What other treatments can men have?

    Men are welcome to have ALL types of treatment – plenty of men have Botox, otherwise known as ‘Brotox‘.

    Treatment isn’t necessarily to ‘beautify’, it can help to bring your naturally masculine features out by getting rid of the distractions (such as a bump on the nose).

    male rhino before after filler


    Or by using dermal fillers we can help to create stronger, more masculine features.

    Typical masculine features include a chizzled and strong jawline, as well as a wide and more prominent chin.


    So by adding dermal filler, we can create help with weak features with Jawline filler and Chin Augmentation

    You’ll leave the clinic feeling MORE masculine than when you entered!

    Men have also previously been interested in lip fillers – particularly when the lips are thin or if they suffer from smoker lines.

    The possibilities are truly endless.

    Why would men want dermal fillers?

    One of our male clients said

    ‘’It’s not like overkill, you can get away with it… I’m happy… people think I look different but they don’t know why.’’

    chin before and after filler

    Here are some reasons why men want treatment just as much as women:

    • Troubleshoot wrinkles – fillers can eradicate deep lines and wrinkles
    • Restore volume – men also lose volume as they age
    • Lift facial tissues – lifting areas of the face provides a fresher appearance
    • Facial reshaping – alter certain areas such as a more defined jawline or more prominent chin

    At the end of the day, men also age and they want to feel confident in themselves.

    It is 2018 – men fake tan and get their eyebrows done, so they should also be able to have aesthetic treatments without being deemed ‘less of a man’.



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