Dermal Fillers Nose Job Results Revealed

Before and After Non-Surgical Nose Job by Dr Aimee, SkinViva

SkinViva have released new before and after photos, showing the results of nose reshaping with advanced dermal fillers.

The non-surgical rhinoplasty has become a firm favourite of SkinViva clients. It can quickly and effectively smooth out awkward shaping, blending away bumps and dips, for a straighter and neater profile.

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    This client wanted to maintain the slope in her nose, but disliked the dip between the bridge and the tip of the nose.  She wanted to smooth it out with a liquid rhinoplasty. This is a cosmetic issue, in that there are no breathing or functional problems. Such a case doesn’t warrant the expense or inconvenience of surgery and can be quickly and easily achieved using advanced dermal fillers techniques.

    Dr Aimee Clark completed the transformation in under half an hour with instant results.

    Non-surgical rhinoplasty costs £595 with SkinViva’s expert Aesthetic Clinicians (qualified doctors and dentists, specially trained and experienced in non-surgical procedures).

    Video: Non surgical nose jobs using cannula

    Aesthetic clinician Dr Aimee Clark discusses the benefits of the non-surgical nose job. She explains the reasons for using an advanced cannula technique rather than injections when performing a non-surgical nose job using long lasting hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. Cannula techniques are much less intrusive, with fewer entry points and faster recovery, with reduced bleeding, redness, swelling and risk of infection and less discomfort compared to using a needle.

    by Dr Aimee

    How Long Do Results Last?

    We use the Juvederm Vycross range of premium long-lasting fillers for nose reshaping. Results vary, but generally we would expect the fillers to last 12-18 months. It may last longer in some clients.

    30-Minute Nose Job

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    • Kelly says:

      Do you perform nose filler on people who have previously had rhinoplasty?
      I had surgery in 2014 and since then two follow up revision surgeries but still unhappy with a dent in the side of my nose and would like filler.
      As I’m based in Guernsey would it be possible if I could email you across some photos in the first instance for the surgeon to review?

      • Client Liaison says:

        Hi Kelly, depressions and bumps after surgery are quite a common complaint and these can be significantly improved in many (or even most) cases using our advanced non-surgical techniques for reshaping the nose with dermal filler. Please send a photo to and we’ll ask one of our expert Aesthetic Clinicians to take a look and provide some advice.

        The next step would then be a consultation in person. We can normally carry out treatment in the same appointment if both you and the clinician are in agreement to go ahead.

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