Dermal Fillers in the News – Report Recommends Tighter Regulations

New Regulations to Improve Standards for Patients

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments have been in the headlines this week, as a new report has been issued calling for better regulation of the industry.

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    In particular, dermal fillers have come under scrutiny.

    Facial fillers are a highly popular and effective treatment, with uses including:

      • Filling lines and creases for an anti-ageing effect
      • Adding volume to the lips for a fuller ‘pout’
      • Smoothing out scars
      • Adding profile to the cheekbones or chin

    However, at present, there is no regulation of the dermal fillers industry. There are hundreds of types of fillers available in the UK and no requirements for training on those that inject them.

    Keogh Report into Regulation of Cosmetic Interventions in England

    The final report on non-surgical treatments was issued this week. The committee led by Sir Bruce Keogh have fully investigated the industry guidelines, practices and patient experiences to come up with a series of recommendations to protect patients better.

    • requiring fillers to be injected only by trained and qualified staff
    • making fillers a prescription-only medicine
    • classing fillers as a medical device

    Cosmetic interventions are a growing business in the UK and expected to rise over 50% from 2010 to 2015. Non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers, Botox® or the use of laser or intense pulsed light (IPL) account for nine out of ten procedures and 75% of the market value.

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