Dermal Fillers Could Become Prescription Only

Nuffield Council on Bioethics Report

One of the key recommendations within the recent Nuffield Council on Bioethics Report related to making dermal fillers a prescription-only medicine. 

Unlike BOTOX, dermal fillers currently require no prescription. They can legally be dispensed and carried out by anyone without any need for qualifications or professional registration.

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    lip filler injections

    BOTOX, on the other hand, is better controlled. Botulinum Toxin is a prescription-only medicine, so clients should not be able to access treatment without having a prescription from a suitably qualified medical professional.

    The Nuffield Council on Bioethics Report lists making dermal fillers a prescription only medicine as their 10th recommendation, stating:

    “We recommend that the Department of Health bring forward stand-alone legislation to make all dermal fillers prescription-only.”

    Making dermal fillers – and also lip filler – prescription-only would hopefully increase control around this area of the cosmetic treatments market, as the report explains:

    “…Indeed, we argue that prescription-only status, which would ensure the involvement of a health professional qualified to prescribe in all procedures involving dermal fillers, is particularly important given that the qualifications and standards being developed for practitioners providing non-surgical procedures are to remain voluntary.”

    As the Nuffield Report indicates, this is not a new idea – it has been suggested before as long ago as 2013, in the Keogh report:

    “…in its response to the Keogh report the Department of Health notes that the UK has been a strong proponent of the inclusion of dermal fillers and other cosmetic products and equipment within the new Regulation. It also notes that the Department of Health “support[s] the principle that dermal fillers and other non-surgical cosmetic products should be prescription only, or otherwise that there should be control over who may administer them.”

    However, there have been some technical difficulties in creating legislation to classify dermal fillers as a prescription-only medicine, as the report explains:

    “…No further announcements about prescription-only status have yet been made, and the Working Party was told that there are significant technical difficulties in designating all dermal fillers as medicines (a necessary first step to make them prescription-only under the current regulatory system), because the mode of action of many fillers on the market falls outside the definition of a medicine.”

    Although the report indicates that these problems are not insurmountable:

    “We recognise the technical difficulties in making dermal fillers prescription only within current legislation relating to medicines and medical devices as recommended by Keogh (see paragraph 4.39). However, we suggest that these difficulties would not be impossible to overcome, particularly given the current interest in both the House of Commons and House of Lords in the safety of cosmetic practice.”

    Dermal Fillers – The Current Law

    It is important for consumers to be aware of the current law regarding dermal fillers. Many assume that the market is regulated, but there is no specific legislation in this area to protect clients beyond standard consumer law.

    • Dermal fillers do not require a prescription
    • Dermal fillers can be carried out by anyone
    • There is no compulsory minimum qualification for practitioners
    • There is no requirement for membership of professional bodies for practitioners

    Hence the availability of cheap fillers on the high street.

    Yet the procedure involves a needle and as such is quasi-medical.

    SkinViva support making dermal fillers a prescription-only medicine. In the meantime, here is our advice for clients looking to have facial filler injections.

    SkinViva Advice on Fillers

    Our advice to consumers is to check very carefully before going ahead

    • Who is carrying out fillers?
      • Do they have any medical qualifications?
      • Are they trained in dermal fillers/cosmetic injections?
      • Are they members of any professional bodies?
    • What products are used?
      • There are many brands of dermal fillers available
      • Be wary of cheap imports or brands of dubious origin
    • What aftercare is provided?
      • Where can you go if something isn’t right?

    SkinViva’s Standards

    At SkinViva, clients can be confident in their choice:

    • All practitioners are medically qualified (doctors or dentists) and able to prescribe as well as dispense
    • All practitioners have had additional, specialist training in fillers and BOTOX
    • All practitioners are members of their professional bodies
    • All products used are top brands with certification
      • Fillers are from the Juvederm range by Allergan
      • As well as Juvederm ULTRA, we offer the premium, long-lasting Vycross range of fillers (VOLIFT, VOLBELLA, VOLUMA)
      • We use BOTOX – the world’s number one botulinum toxin brand, by Allergan
    • Advice before and after treatment is available on the phone through SkinViva’s friendly Customer Service team
    • SkinViva offer a FREE consultation, which is the perfect opportunity to discuss your own requirements with an expert who has assessed your skin and understood what you want to achieve. There is no obligation to go ahead
    • SkinViva offer aftercare reviews where required
    • In case of any problems or concerns, SkinViva operate a clinic in Manchester 6 days a week on hand

    SkinViva Manchester

    SkinViva was established in 2008 and has an excellent reputation for offering high quality skin treatments in the North West.

    Their team of Aesthetic Doctors & Dentists offer free consultations at their main clinic in Manchester and also at an extensive choice of conveniently located locations across the North West. Clinics are held at salons and centres in Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Manchester, Stockport and Bury.

    A consultation is always required prior to any cosmetic treatment and this is arranged with an experienced aesthetic practitioner. The same individual would carry out treatment and this can normally be done at the same appointment if required.

    For further information or to arrange a confidential consultation with a cosmetic doctor or dentist, please call 0161 865 1141, email

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