Found a Lump Following Filler Treatment?

Finding a lump (lumps) after a lip filler treatment can be scary and confusing if you’re not sure what the cause is.

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lumps in lips


Unless the lumps are very sore and painful there’s no need to panic.

Lumps are actually a common side effect after a dermal filler or lip enhancement treatment. Often they are a short-term problem, but if need be, they are totally correctable by a trained aesthetic medical professional.

The first few days after treatment:

The most common cause of lumps after a filler treatment is swelling and bruising from the injections themselves. These should naturally subside within the first week.

  • You can help reduce swelling by applying a cold compress
  • You should avoid touching the lumps as this could make them worse

If the lumps are still present after a week:

  • Most swelling should have gone down
  • If you are noticing lumps (rather than initial swelling), it’s time to get in touch

Contact the clinic to arrange a follow up with one of our aesthetic medical professionals

What happens at follow up?

Our clinicians are specially trained to deal with after care and complications from dermal filler or lip filler treatments, so you are in very safe hands.

  • The clinician will examine the lumps to find out where they are and whether they are tender
  • Soft lumps are likely to be caused by filler that has settled that way and a good firm massage by the clinician should smooth them out
  • Hard and tender lumps suggest that your body might have reacted to the filler. A mild allergic reaction can be sorted out quickly and easily by a prescription of steroids, which our aesthetic medical professional can provide you with. This prescription is available at most pharmacies. Prices can vary depending on where you purchase it, but it should cost you no more than £10.

The lumps are still there after steroids…

If you have finished your course of steroids and the filler lumps are still there, you should book in for another follow up appointment

  • The clinician will review your dermal filler lumps to determine whether they can be massaged out, or whether your body is still reacting to the treatment.
  • More serious reactions to filler are very rare, but they do sometimes happen. If lumps persist after steroids, the clinician may use a dissolving agent called hyalase. Then if the issue is still not resolved, they may refer patients onwards to a specialist

Can I have the dermal filler dissolved?

Yes, of course. Read our step-by-step guide on how we dissolve lip filler.

Treatment Information

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Advice for Clinicians

Are you a clinician looking for advice on how to diagnose, manage and treat the different types of lumps than can occur following lip treatment?

Dr Tim Pearce has created a free step-by-step video guide on how to treat lumps in lips. Click the download button below to access.


Dermal Filler Reversal Protocol

If you are a clinician looking for advice on reversing dermal fillers, SkinViva Training’s Dr Tim Pearce has put together a graphic guide for Clinician’s Emergency Reversal Protocol, which you can find on our SkinViva Training website.

SkinViva Training also offer courses to help medical professionals learn the skills and knowledge required for safe and effective aesthetic injections. Popular courses include:

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4 comments on “Found a Lump Following Filler Treatment?”

  1. Janey wright says:

    Hi I’m
    Enquiring about hard lumps in my lips I had fillers objected 7-9 years ago four or five times I’m left with multiple hard lumps and my daughter is the same any advice on getting them dissolved or removed ?

    1. Jack Mulcahy says:

      Hello Jane,

      As a general rule the sooner they are dissolved the easier it is- there is a high probability that this was a slow-burning reaction which layered the bodies immune cells around the filler and lay down collagen- so the lump is probably 99% the bodies own collagen now, and reversal is unlikely to have an immediate effect.
      These lumps do sometimes spontaneously disappear after many years though. The reversing agent is not likely to make an immediate difference sadly. Some doctors inject a steroid which can help, and if they are very problematic they can be removed surgically too.

      Kind Regards.

  2. Jane Amies says:

    I had my marionette lines injected with revolax (Which I discovered after injection) about 10 weeks ago. I have A symmetry and lumps on one side only. The medical professional who performed the injection has confirmed that she will not dissolve and will not help me further. She also refused to give me an email address for her or her trainer. Can you help? She mentioned something about possible haematoma which is beyond her skill set and this makes me very worried. I would be grateful for any advice.

    Many thanks

    1. Client Liaison says:

      Hi Jane, sorry to read about your experience. You’ve done the right thing in going back to the original practitioner as a first step and it is disappointing to read that they are unwilling or unable to assist. We do stress the importance of always seeing a trained and insured medical professional for these procedures. Those who do not have the same level of training can unfortunately be less knowledgeable or equipped to help should things go wrong.

      If you’re keen to get the fillers dissolved and unable to get help from your original provider, our aesthetic clinicians can offer filler reversal at SkinViva. The normal price for this is for £350 (subject to confirmation after examination during your consultation). This fee is deducted from the price if you choose to have re-treatment with SkinViva.

      If you’d like to book an appointment or discuss this further with our team, please feel free to get in touch via 0161 865 1141 or We hope you’re able to get it sorted soon.

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