Dark Circles: Causes and How to Get Rid of Them

cheeks and tear troughsWhat causes dark circles and how can we get rid of them?

Do you often feel like you look tired and run down, even when you have had a good night’s sleep?

Well you’re not alone…

Many of us associate eye bags and dark circles with exhaustion, stress or dehydration and whilst these things undoubtedly have an impact on our under eye area, they are not the only causes of tired looking peepers.

We caught up with our SkinViva clinicians to find out the most common reasons for having shadows & bags under the eye and what lifestyle factors can cause them.

Dr Sabba Janjua –

Dr Sabba“The areas just beneath your eyes that develop dark shadows are medically referred to as tear troughs. Most people will suffer some fat and bone loss around this area as they age, but for some people it can become very noticeable, which can affect self-esteem as well as appearance.

“With age the skin naturally loses collagen and becomes thinner, but it is important to remember that your lifestyle can also play a part in the development of tear troughs.

“Lack of sleep, alcohol and smoking can all contribute to tear troughs forming. So ensuring you get plenty of rest and avoiding smoking and excess alcohol could help prevent the onset and will leave you looking younger and fresher for longer.”

Dr Zohaib Ali –

Dr Zohaib“Customers will often complain that they have aged around the eyes and are starting to look tired all the time, but they often don’t realise that their tear troughs are causing the problem.

“People may comment that they have started to develop dark circles and loose skin around the eyes which makes them seem worn out.

“The tear trough rejuvenation procedure using a soft dermal filler is a great way of offering our clients an improvement lasting just over a year that makes them look years younger and healthier too!”

Dr Sharan Uppal –

Dr Sharan“At SkinViva, we use long lasting dermal fillers to smooth the area under your eyes so that the light casts more evenly across it, which instantly gives you a younger look.

“The best thing about this treatment is that the results are so subtle and natural that you never look ‘done’, just fresher and full of life. This is why treating customers for those dark shadows under the eyes is one of my favourite procedures that gets great feedback.”

Tear Trough Treatment Experts

SkinViva is one of the UK’s leading non-surgical aesthetic clinics and specialises in tear trough rejuvenation.

Our team of highly skilled medical professionals strive to give clients beautiful, natural results that are tailored to your face through expert consultation.

Their team offer free consultations at their main clinic in Manchester and also at an extensive choice of conveniently located locations across the North West. Clinics are held at salons and centres in Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Manchester, Stockport and Bury.

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