Daily Mirror: Blind Florist Boosts Confidence with Non-Surgical Facelift

SkinViva was featured in the Daily Mirror in an article headlined:

Britain’s first blind flower arranger is bloomin’ marvellous after launching wedding bouquet business

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    daily mirror

    The article describes how Maria Schofield lost her sight due to a genetic condition. Her sight started to fail in October 2008 and by June 2011 she was completely blind.

    Maria had worked as a florist and taught her skills to students, but struggled with the loss of vision. She developed agoraphobia and didn’t leave the house for 9 months and even contemplated suicide.

    “When I went blind, it felt like my life was falling apart. Everything I had was cruelly taken away from me and I was scared to death.”

    She also had concerns about how she could pursue her career in floristry. She says:

    “Floristry is such a visual art, so when I lost my eyesight it felt like my livelihood had been taken away from me.”

    However, Maria is now embarking on a new business venture, specialising in wedding bouquets. Although she can’t see colours, she has somebody on hand to advise on that aspect. She can feel the shape of the overall composition and is highly tuned to the shapes and textures.

    “In many ways, being blind has actually helped me to become a better florist because I need to really think about how I want the creation to turn out, rather than relying on my eyes to get it right.”

    Non-Surgical Facelift

    Now Maria has boosted her confidence further by having a £4,500 non-surgical facelift with Manchester-based SkinViva. Although she can’t see the results herself, she can feel that her face is smoother and knows that she looks better.

    She said:

    “It’s not a vanity thing, I’m not trying to be something I’m not, but just knowing that I look okay on the outside helps me feel like a regular, normal person. It gives me confidence.

    “I’m blind, but I want to look nice for Graham. And by having work done on my face I can get up in the morning without feeling so insecure.

    “Since losing my sight, all of my other senses have become really heightened. So when I run my fingers across my face I can feel all the bumps and imperfections much more than most people can.

    “That’s why I really wanted the non-surgical facelift, so that I can physically feel the benefits and know that they worked.”

    See photos and full story in the Daily Mirror Online.

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