What is the Da Vinci lip treatment?

Da Vinci Lips? What on earth is that?

Da Vinci Lip Filler treatment is exclusive to SkinViva Manchester. Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci and pioneered by Dr Tim Pearce himself, it is a unique treatment that will deliver high quality results.

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    da vinci lip treatment skinviva

    Using the rules of proportion and the golden ratio, dermal filler is added to the lips to add volume and definition. This is done in a way that enhances the rest of the features on the face and does not distract from any particular area.

    What is the golden ratio and proportions?

    The famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci was the mastermind behind finding out what makes something beautiful.

    He came up with the ‘Golden Ratio’ which is naturally found in parts of the human body and in nature. The actual ratio is 1:1.6, which is measured by our clinicians using a caliper tool.

    Dr Tim says

    ‘The important concept behind Da Vinci lip treatment is that there are some fascinating rules behind beauty that were discovered by Leonardo Da Vinci that now we can use to design lip treatments’

    Using this method, we can find out how much filler and where to inject in order to fit in with the proportions. A slight adjustment can help you fit in with perfection.

    Which product is used?

    One reason this treatment is different is because only our best filler is used. We use Juvederm Volift as it is long lasting and very natural looking.

    It integrates quickly with the skin and takes on characteristics of our own body tissue to ensure a natural looking result.

    injections needles

    Will it look natural?

    People won’t actually be able to spot what you’ve had done, they will just think you look better. The natural look is extremely popular at the moment, especially because Kylie Jenner has dissolved some of her lip filler for a more toned-down pout.

    What are the details?

    • Appointment time – 30-45 minutes
    • Price – £399
    • How long does it last – around 15 months


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