Cosmetic Injections for TV – Jeremy Kyle Confesses

Botox to Look Young on TV

While he’s unlikely to be the first to have indulged in anti-ageing treatments to look good in the public eye, his open attitude is refreshing and the result shows the benefits of a few well-judged injections.49-year old Jeremy Kyle has spoken out about having botox injections so that he looks younger and better on TV.

He said:

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    “That may be vain or silly but I would never lie about it.”

    “I gave it a lot of thought and I don’t regret it at all. I see pictures of myself BB – before botox – and I see the ones after and I am happy.”

    “I am on television 1,500 times a year and it is a very small way, and a safe way, of looking a little better than I used to.

    “Is that vanity? Some will say that. Is it silly? Some will say it is. But I’m not going to lie about it, why would I?”

    With HD television and large screens, being a TV or film celebrity is bound to show up every line, crinkle and wrinkle. It is widely believed that a great many of those on the screen have regular treatments to keep their skin looking youthful although that does set high expectations for the rest of us, especially when some celebrities are secretive about what treatments they have had, unlike Jeremy who is quite happy for it to be known.

    The media have reported the news in a matter of fact manner. It would seem that the backlash against botox and dermal fillers tends to be more directed at those whose treatments are over-the-top and excessive, leading to frozen expressions or puffy features; or those who deny ever having had treatment.

    Good injecting techniques are key to obtaining the natural look.

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