Lip Lines

Lip Lines

Lip lines can be very ageing, making the mouth and the smile appear somewhat thin rather than fresh and fulsome.

Lip lines appear naturally with age, but as with all things, some patients are affected earlier or more than others.

Smokers Lines

Smokers’ lines are a particularly severe form of lip line which occur due to the combination of the ‘pursing’ action as well as the toxic effects of the smoke, prematurely ageing the skin.

Read more about the potential treatments that could help to improve the appearance of ageing lip lines area.

Lip Fillers

Add volume for a fuller, smoother and super-flattering lip shape.

Anti-Ageing Injections

Banish lines and tackle downward smile

Dermal Fillers

Regain your skin’s lost volume – instantly.

Genuine Dermaroller®

Eradicate acne scars, fine lines and stretchmarks with almost no downtime!

Skin Creams

The perfect skincare regime to complement your SkinViva treatment.