Advanced Facial Analysis to rejuvenate the face using fillers

Here at SkinViva Manchester we just love showing off our beautiful clients after their treatments.

Julia recently visited the clinic for an Advanced Facial Analysis (AFA).

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    Where did we inject filler to rejuvenate the face?

    Below shows an image of where Dr Tim injected Julia with dermal filler…

    treated areas for fillers

    This result shows that by making lots of tiny adjustments can make a big impact on rejuvenating the face, whilst looking natural.

    In total, Dr Tim used 6ml of our premium filler (at £395 per 1ml). 

    Jawline and Cheek filler treatments

    Dr Tim treated the jawline to tighten and lift the area – helping to create a feminine v shaped faced and reducing jowls. Cheek Enhancement was also performed to add volume and to lift (which will also help to reduce lines around the mouth and improves the area around the eyes).

    The two combined help create a youthful appearance and rejuvenate, whilst being subtle.

    jawline cheek treatment before after fillers

    Tear Trough, Nose to Mouth and Chin

    Tear Trough treatment helps to minimise under-eye hollowing whilst also eradicating fine lines and wrinkles.

    Dermal Filler was placed in the top corner of the nasolabial fold (nose 2 mouth) area to smooth out deep crease that had formed.

    A small amount was also added to the chin to smooth it out and create a more feminine curve to the face.

    before after tear trough chin nose mouth

    why did Julia have treatment?

    We visited our lovely client Julia at her home in Derbyshire to talk about her experience of having treatment at SkinViva.

    Being a farmer, Julia actually has anti-aging injections after every lambing season because she wants to keep herself looking refreshed after a gruelling period.

    Why have an AFA?

    Julia put it really simply. She told us that ‘I feel like I’ve got more confidence’.

    She goes further on to say

    ‘You know when you’re going out in the evening, people do say ‘oh you look well’. I’ve never hid the fact, I’ve always told people. I feel happier’.

    An AFA is made to empower you. We give you the information that can help you make the right choice to achieving your goals.

    View Julia’s testimonial here:

    To book an Advanced Facial Analysis with one of our clinicians, call the clinic on 0161 865 1141 or e-mail at The appointment will take around 40 minutes and you will come out with a treatment plan bespoke to you.

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