The SkinViva Christmas Advert: Behind the scenes

Back in July, we hired our first ever videographer, Ayman – so it only seemed natural to shoot our the first ever SkinViva Christmas ad. The perfect opportunity!

We had an absolute blast creating and shooting our ad …but you could probably say Dr Adam had the most fun!!

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    Behind the scenes: photos

    It’s clear to see that Dr Adam wasn’t shy about prepping for his lead role.

    Behind the scenes: SkinViva Christmas Advert 2017

    So, you’ve seen the ad (if you haven’t watch it below), and if you’re anything like us, you smiled all the way through… especially Dave’s bit at the end. Love it. We’re so glad he was up for taking part, it’s not always easy convincing people to stand in front of a camera – especially when it’s reliant on you to deliver what is essentially the punch line!

    Yet, it wasn’t as hard convincing Dr Adam to be the lead role in the video, it must be said. We wonder why?!

    Maybe it has to do with how we pitched it… “Do you fancy getting kissed by some of the SkinViva ladies today?”, it’s probably best we don’t repeat his answer.

    The SkinViva family

    We’ve grown quite a bit this year and added a number of new members to the team, so it was important to us to include some of the new faces in this ad. These including Dr Adam, Dave our new car park attendant, Saffron our receptionist and well, me – Justine, our Content Marketing Manager (I’m the first lucky girl to give Dr Adam a smooch).

    And by including us in the advert, it’s helping you to get just as familiar with our faces as the likes of Dr Tim, Dr Sharan and our wonderful Customer Experience team. As we know, change is hard to accept sometimes.

    I would say though, speaking on behalf of all new team members – we’ve been taken in with big open arms. Both the SkinViva family and clients. Dave is going down especially well, as let’s face it, it’s not been the easiest parking at our clinic over the last few years. That and his killer customer service skills.

    The SkinViva Christmas Advert: for those who haven’t seen it

    If you’ve not seen our advert, here is it one more time 😊 (trust us, we’ll be watching it with you).

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