Chin Augmentation with Non-Surgical Fillers

Dr Tim Pearce, MBChB BSc (hons) MRCGP explains how the chin can affect facial balance and proportions:

A well proportioned chin has always been considered a thing of beauty and the exact proportions have been studied and defined by artists and used by doctors and surgeons to guide procedures.

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    In a new development, chin augmentation with dermal fillers has become the new near instant approach to improve beauty with minimal risk, no down time and instant results that last 12- 24 months.

    Strengthening the chin can interestingly also play a role in rejuvenation and preventing premature aging of the lower face, since the extra support created during a chin augmentation prevents the shadows that would form around the sides of the mouth, sometimes known as marionette lines.  In other words, the weight of the cheek is better supported in the lower face by a more defined chin.

    In this picture you can see the ideal position of the chin marked on the pink line.  It is defined by the position of the bridge of the nose, and in a perfect face, the chin and the bridge of the nose are on the same line.

    You can see clearly in the after picture, the chin fits much better onto the face and although very subtle, it no doubt contributes to the overall beauty of the individual.

    Before & After Chin Augmentation Photos

    Using Dermal Filler Injections

    chin augmentation with fillers

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